Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Titan (Celeri Accipter)

Celeri Accipter (Swift Hawk)

Celeri Accipter is one of War Maniple Laeta Ferro's four Reaver Titans. Princeps Alphonse Jakobus who commands the titan is one of oldest of the princeps of Legio Atarus, having witnessed, as a child, the arrival of the Great Crusade while the still on Forgeworld of Phaeton. The Celeri Accipter was a truly ancient god-engine, and had fought against the horrors of Old Night on Phaeton. When the dispute with Mars led to part of the forgeworld's strength being sent away, both Jakobus and Celeri Accipter made the trek to Atar-Median and formed the core of Legio Atarus. 

When the Warmaster Horus betrayed the dream of mankind and turned against the Emperor, few were as embittered as Alphonse Jakobus. He had been born with the fear of Old Night all around but had seen first-hand the hope and promise brought with the Great Crusade. The betrayal of that dream had ignited a deep hatred of the traitors within his ancient heart.

Due to his age, Princeps Jakobus, is one of the only princeps of the Legio Atarus to be contained in an amniotic tank instead of hard-plugged into the MIU. As the fires of the Horus Heresy burn, the Celeri Accipter became one to the most efficient titan killer of War Maniple Laeta Ferro, partly because of Princeps Jakobus' controlled anger and partly because of Celeri Accipter's load out of two Laser Blasters and Apocalypse Missiles.

The Reaver Celeri Accipter with it's loadout before the heresy.

Fighting alongside the Salamanders Space Marines.

The titan's weapon load out during the Horus Heresy.

With Knights of the Col'Khak Collective.

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Omnissiah has brought gifts!

Additional Weapons

I wanted to show off some recently printed Adeptus Titanicus weapons. These were printed on a Form II SLA 3D printer and are equal to the quality of the plastic weapons. I had these printed to fill out my current maniple of titans. Having a friend with a great 3d printer is awesome!

A Mori Quake Cannon
Another Sunfury Plasma Annihilator
A pair of Warlord Laser Blasters
A pair of Warlord Turbo Laser Destructors
Two carapace Turbo Laser Destructors for my Reaver titans.

All in all they came out amazing. Like all of my 3D prints recently, these came from Thingiverse and were in multiple parts. However since they are printed in high quality dental resin that allows for very small connections from the supports, I combined the multiple parts in my 3D software and made all of them single pieces. Even doing that they printed perfectly!

Legio Atarus is preparing to combat enemy titans.

The new plasma cannon with the already painted one.

Laser blasters with dual plasma.

The Turbo lasers.

Had to do a few modifications to the to Reaver titan Turbo Lasers so they would fit on the carapace.

The Turbo Lasers are the poor mans Laser Blasters.

The mighty Quake Cannon!

I don't think I'd like to be the space marine standing under this titan.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Warlord Titan (Nuntis Caelo)

Nuntis Caelo (Sky Messenger)

The Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan Nuntis Caelo (Sky Messenger) was a titan of War Maniple Laeta Ferro of the Legio Atarus (Firebrands) at the outbreak of the Horus Heresy. The titan was commanded by Princeps Hena Bardhana during the Horus Heresy. 

Nuntis Caelo in all its glory.

Supporting allied Salamander Space Marines.

I have found that I really like the Plasma Annihilator/Volcano Cannon combo.

My plan is to add carapace turbolaser destructors. They have just finished printing!

My second warlord will be posed in more of a moving position.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report

Battle Report

The weekend Robert and I were able to get in a Adeptus Titanicus game in at the Auburn Hobbytown USA. The battle was just over 1000 points per side and we did not use missions or stratagems. Robert had played the original AT back in the day and was excited to get back into it. I have rebased some of my old 6mm titans on the correct bases for the new game so that the templates would work. In the past I have bought and painted two armies for games I was trying to get started in the area, but I've had little success in getting others to start playing. So for AT I am only building my force, and if other want to play they can use the old mini's I have.

The Warlord Nuntis Caelo, the Reaver Celeri Accipter and knights of House Col'Khak.

My force from Legio Atarus. Everything is armed as you see it. The knights consisted of three with battle cannon/close combat weapon and two with thermal cannons/CCW's. The warlord had apocalypse missile launchers, a plasma annihilator and a belicosa volcano cannon. The Reaver had two laser blasters and a apocalypse missile launcher.

Some traitorous titans of some legion!
 Robert was using a Warlord with a power fist, laser destroyer array and a belicosa volcano cannon. The Reaver was exactly the same as mine, two laser blasters and a apocalypse missile launcher. The Warhound had a plasma blastgun and vulcan mega bolter.

This once green planet had been burned to ash when the traitors destroyed its atmosphere.

Leaving it a radiation soaked wasteland.

The board was the GW moon base with some additional terrain to break things up just a bit. From some earlier games we found that if the board is covered in dense terrain it is really difficult to maneuver the larger titans.

Legio Atarus walks!

The Warmaster's titans waiting to ambush the Firebrands.

The knights know better than to stay in the open.


Robert deployed his titans behind cover but I left mine in the open, ready to fire. I did hide my knights, as I had seen what a volcano cannon can do to a banner of knights!

Everything moves up. The knights pass their command check to run across the open to the cover of the buildings.

Turn 1

I won initiative and ordered my knights, at full stride, to run across the open ground looking for the cover of the central buildings. Robert moved all three of his titans out into the open to fight it out. In the combat phase he focused all fire on my warlord and damaged it's void shields. I split fire between the Reaver and Warhound, taking a few void shields off each.

Turn 2

I failed my command check for the First Fire order with my Warlord but Robert passed it and hit my Warlord again. We stayed put for turn two, other than my knights moving around the building getting ready to go for the flanks. In combat my Warlord lost it's void shields but I did horrible damage to the Warhound, critically damaging it's body and destroyed its plasma blastgun. I also stripped the enemy Reavers shields.

The Warhound wasn't able to get to safety.

The knights are feeling foo about their location.

So much firepower.

The dying Reaver decided to not go down without a fight. It caught my Reaver in its death throes.

Thermal cannons to an already damaged body... that is bad for the little scout titan.

There was once a titan here.

Turn 3

A great deal happened in turn three! I won initiative again and tried to reignite my warlords shields with the emergency repairs order, but got no sixes. Robert rolled for first to fire and put more shots into my warlord, causing some damage to the body and legs. In movement the damaged Warhound moved back from my two titans. However, I was able to race my knights around to it's flank! 

In the combat phase I focused my titans on his Reaver and destroyed it! My reaver punched both of it's laser blasters through the enemy Reaver's body and finished it off with the missile launcher (the body had only one spot left so the bonuses allowed the missiles to damage the body). Robert then rolled a seven for its Catastrophic Damage table and if blindly fired before it died, he rolled the scatter dice and, of course, it fired into my Reaver taking a few shields. Then the knights fired into the cripple Warhound and destroyed it flat out. Another roll on the Catastrophic Damage table meant it exploded! My knights and the enemy Warlord took some hits but no damage was sustained.

It did not all go my way though, and Robert did some major damage to my Warlord titan.

My Warlord titan is in a bad way.

So I run it behind the building for more cover.

The knights close in for the kill.

The mighty Warlord titan is helpless with knights behind it.
It's close defense weapons are little threat to the knights.

Turn Four

I failed another command roll and Robert hit me with First to fire again, my warlord is in really bad shape. I then moved the knights behind his warlord after it moved. My Warlord to refuge behind a large building to give it some cover. My warlord was finally able to reignite its void shields and gain one more back! In the combat phase my knights went wild and took the Warlord down to its final structure on the body and my Reaver knocked off a few void shields. Roberts return fire at my Warlord was saved by that single shield!

My heroic Warlord... hiding while the knights destroy the enemy.

Turn Five

The knights took out the final enemy when they hacked up the damaged Warlord.


A really fun game. Robert immediately knew his mistake, that was to focus all fire on my Warlord titan. He nearly killed my Warlord but I was easily able to destroy the Warhound and Reaver, leaving his big titan at the mercy of my faster units. He intended for the Warhound to harass and distract my knights but couldn't help going all out for my Warlord in the open. 

A few things that really surprised me in this game were; how fast the Reaver died to concentrated fire and how dangerous knights in the rear arc are! I have to admit that I got a little lucky when my Reaver killed his Reaver, in that both of my laser blasters hit twice each and all those hits went to the body. With several critical hits I took it down to its last few spaces and then I declared that I was targeting the body with my missiles and got just enough hits to fully destroy it. As for the knights, five of them took eight structure off of the Warlord's body in a single turn, brutal.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Maniple Laeta Ferro

Adeptus Titanicus

I know it has been non stop titans of late, I make no apologies these have been so great to build and paint! I really don't care for large vehicles in 40k as I think of it as skirmish game not, "how many imperial knights and super heavies can I cram onto my side of the board". But in 8mm, I think large vehicles and titans shine!

I will be posting several posts with better pictures of my completed titans and a little backstory.

War Maniple Laeta Ferro

The War Maniple Laeta Ferro was resupplying in orbit around the Forge World of Mezoa in the Cyclops Cluster as news of the Warmaster Horus' treachery reached the system. However, the Legio Atarus was already aware of the Warmasters betrayal since the legion had already sent a maniple of titans to Isstvan V along with many chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. This betrayal was the reason War Maniple Laeta Ferro was at Mezoa.

War Maniple Laeta Ferro had been in support of the XXVI Exploration Fleet cleaning out remaining ork outposts in the Segmentum Obscurus. The maniple was above full strength with two Warlord Titans, four Reaver Titans and four Warhound Titans along with supporting Secutarii. The increased number of titans in the fleet were due to the ork's use of gigantic mobile fortresses that possesses nearly the firepower of a battle titan. During operations in the sector the maniple had not lost any titans but all had sustained damage and were in need of refit. However, with news of the Warmaster's betrayal (and rumors of titan legions siding with him), the lords of Legio Atarus ordered all scattered groups to make their way back to their home Forge World of Atar-Median, if able. 
Due to great disturbances in warp travel, War Maniple Laeta Ferro had only reached Mezoa by the time war reached the Segmentum Obscurus. High Princeps Humilis ordered the titans of the maniple to be repaired and ready for combat against traitor titans. Unfortunately the titans of the maniple we unable to be offloaded on Mezoa since the volcanic crust of the planet could not handle the weight of titans. That meant that maintenance and repairs had to be done on the great ships of the Adeptus Mechanicus, slowing the process. 

When agents of the Warmaster turned the nearby Forge World of M'Pandex to the traitors cause, the presence of the loyal Legio Atarus at Mezoa helped keep that world loyal to the Emperor. However, as traitor forces moved to blockade Mezoa, War Maniple Laeta Ferro left the planet. They would be of little use since their titans could not deploy to the surface of the planet. With the warp storms still raging the ships carrying War Maniple Laeta Ferro pushed out into the void, striving to reach home. But High Princeps Humilis knew that if they were able to make the route home it lead them very close to Terra itself, which would be the end goal of the Warmaster...