Monday, March 20, 2017

Battletech Alpha Strike - ruins throw down!

My force. Two mech lances, a hover tank lance and a group of battle armored infantry.

The ever present Crockett!

Bryan's force. Two mech lances, four half strength vehicle lances and so BA infantry.

These mechs pack a punch.

Both sides pushes into the ruined factory in the center.

The Edgars and Pegasus tanks will use their speed to rush the center.

The Assault mechs with the Hauberk battle armor trudge forward.

The Medium-ish lance is to the right side.

Bryan's Command lance holds the center, they are all monsters at any range.

Hover tanks sheltering in the ruins.

Every single enemy targeted the Stalker and brought it down.

But not before an SRM carrier...

and the Kintaro were wrecked.

I put all of my tonnage in the ruins.

All of our hover tank units were racing around his command lance.

A Patton burns.

Bryan's second lance is just getting into combat.

But they have a warm reception waiting.

The Cicada nabs the Rifleman and survives the Condor's attacks.
The Crockett takes out a Condor.

The Fire Javelin gets the last SRM carrier and I lose a Edgar.

Bryan's battle armored troops ready to jump onto the building.

The Blackjack is ripped apart by long range fire.

The Commando then falls to the last of my hover tanks, who survive the return fire.

The Cicada does a lot of damage to the Jaegermech but is taken out by the Saracens.

The last Patton held out for a while.

The Fire Javelin decided to get sneaky.

The slow moving Hauberk's finally get into the fight and take out the last Condor tank.

The Fire Javelin puts damage on the Cataphract.

The Patton's end had come as the King Crab closed with it.

The Flashman took out the Jaegermech and the Battlemaster bagged the Highlander.

Putting the squeeze on the Saracens.

My Grenadier battle armor took out a Saracen with a crit to the cockpit!

Bryan's battle armor kept putting heat on my mechs with their flamethrowers.

The Cyclops and Cataphract were able to finish off the damaged Battlemaster and King Crab.

But in the end the last mech was surrounded and taken out.

And my heavy battle armored infantry finished off his troopers.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Emchas take on SS Grenadiers (FOW)

Before Christmas I was able to get in another game with the Emchas. They would be, once again, facing off against German SS Panzergrenadiers. This time it was against a new opponent, Michael and it was a very fun and enjoyable game.

Emcha's and friends!
Michael's Late War SS Grenadiers.
The Emcha's are still grinding through Austria... the plains of Austria?
The Germans are prepared to defend this village from the onrushing Soviets.
Dreaded 88's are holding the orchard.
Immediate ambush Pak 40's!
The StuG's preparing for the rush.
A strong German defense.
The Soviets are concerned about the Tigers in reserve.

Don't leave Russia without 120mm Mortars.
SS Grenadiers holding to objective on the right flank.
Russian heavy armor.
The Russians move forward, putting fire on the German guns.
In a quick push, the 75mm Shermans overrun the Pak 40's but lose one of their number.
Defensive fire from the Pak 40's knock out a Emcha.
The ISU-122's take out a 88.
And the Emcha's take out the second 88 and a StuG.
The 76's are on the hunt.
A Stuka burns the lead SU-100 and bails another.
The Tiger I's come on hold the woods on the left beside the objective.
The Valentines arrive and move up to take the right objective.

The StuG's and grenadiers move up to engage the 76mm Shermans.
StuG's realize the Soviets are moving against the far objective.
But the ISU's are still lurking around the left objective. They knocked out a Tiger but lost one of their own in return.

The Emcha's take out the last two StuG's as they move to the right objective.
The grenadier platoon is cutoff and surrounded.
The initial assault by the Valentines leaves a few infantry dead but a burning Valentine and two bailed.
At this point I did make an error. As you can see above, the Valentines pushed into assault and one was bailed by a defensive fire, one bogged and one was bailed in combat and the final was destroyed in the assault. This lasted a few rounds of combat. In the end I had no active vehicles, so we looked into it and I backed off the tanks bogged and bailed in the assault with the one that was bailed by defensive fire. But we are now pretty certain all three should have been captured. It was a confusing series of events.

If it had happened that way it probably would have given Michael another turn, but there was nothing to come to the Grenadiers aid.

The Valentines and Shermans push in and take out all but two infantry.
Who are gunned down by the last three Emcha's on the final turn.

The off camera action saw the ISU-122's take up position in the woods on the Tigers flank, they would have been able to knock them out if they pushed to the right to support the grenadiers. Also the SU-100's were looking down the main road at the Tigers if they tried to move in support. The mortars and the ISU-122's had taken out all of the German grenadiers on the left flank as well, so if the Tigers moved anywhere they would be abandoning the left objective.