Saturday, June 25, 2016

5th Sword of Light (Battle Tech)

Today's update is of my Draconis Combine forces to take on my Davion 2nd Convington Dragoons. I wanted to make sure they had a very different paint scheme than my Federated Suns mechs, so I went with the solid red scheme of the Sword of Light regiments.

I plan on working on a few lances from the Arkab legion to add some more variety to my Combine forces.

Two Tokugawa tanks, a Manticore and a Mechbuster attack aircraft.

The solid red scheme really stands out from the sandy base.

The Mechbuster is my first aircraft but I really like the look of having them on the board.

Three lances from the 5th Sword of Light Regiment.

A support lance of two Dragons, a Grasshopper and a Assassin.

A light lance wit two Panthers, a Jenner and a Spider.

The heavy lance with an Atlas, Zeus and two Quickdraw.

Ready to enforce the will of the Coordinator!