Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jordanian Goodies Painted Up!

While it has taken me some time, I've finally finished most of my Jordanian Infantry miniatures to go along with the pdf I put up a few months back. I've finished with the HQ platoon, two infantry platoons, a mortar platoon, a 17 pdr platoon, half of a 25 pdr platoon and a M48 tank platoon. The miniatures are all by Battlefront with slight modifications in some instances. The Jordanian uniforms and vehicle paint schemes are relatively simple but I found that I really like how everything has turned out so far!

First are may M48 Patton tanks from the 40th Armored Brigade. As I mentioned in a previous post I modified the command cupola of these tanks to make them like their historical Jordanian counterparts.

Now add in my favorites! Jordanian Recoilless Anti Tank Jeeps!
The little guys started out as British Airborne Jeeps that I cut out the back of and added the 106mm Recoilless Rifle from the BF plastic M113 box (that box set has been very helpful in converting a Jordanian force). I just love how they turned out.

Following the AT jeeps are more conventional Jordanian Anti Tank assets. The old British 17-pounder.

Also more WWII British surplus, 25 pdr Artillery!

Then my Infantry! One platoon is BF's Meshah Meykaneykeyh Platoon and the other is a WWII Commonwealth platoon I slightly modified. Both turned out great but I would love to see a Jordanian platoon with M1 Garands and Carbines.

Next up I will be filling out the 25 pdr platoon and adding another M48 platoon, then maybe an Anti aircraft platoon. Thanks for reading such a long post!