Friday, June 22, 2012

Forces of Pelargir (LOTR)

I'll start things off with the next big thing on my workbench, the forces of Pelargir and the Army of Southern Gondor.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Lord of the Rings, Pelargir is a port city in southern Gondor on the Anduin River. The city is ancient one of the first cities founded by the Numenoreans when they returned to middle earth. All of that was probably Greek to a lot of people, but I sure love Tolkein's middle earth history.

Because of my love for the Lord of the Rings I've been collecting the miniatures by Games Workshop since they were first released. The miniatures are for a tabletop strategy game. I've played exactly zero games of the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, but does that stop me from spending money on the miniatures, no.

My Wardens of Pelargir
Being the a Tolkien fan I chose a little known city and it's part in the War of the Ring to convert and paint, Pelargir. If you blinked during the movie you missed it, nor was it mentioned, but to me that meant it was fair game to put my own spin on.

Wardens with spears
I've used some old GW Numenoreans as my Wardens of Pelargir since it is an old city with a strong maritime tradition. I image the Wardens as holding to older traditions and primarily operating in and around the city.

 The archers received a slightly different trim to differentiate them from the front line troops. I intend for this branch of the Wardens to patrol the wall of the city and operate the siege engines in time of war. 

WIP of some medium infantry

 I have a large order of Perry Brothers and Gripping Beast miniatures order that will begin to fill out the ranks of the Gondor's army on it's southern border. The Army of Southern Gondor will represent my first foray into casting my own parts.

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