Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bringing Out the Big Guns! (FOW)

This weekend I was able to get some painting in, and first up was my Panzer VII Lowe.
The Lowe or Lion was one of many German paper panzers, or tanks that never really got past the planning stage. But thanks to HEER46 we have this monster in 15mm, ready to slug it out with the Soviet's heavy armor.

I picked up this tank especially for a FOW mega game I'm planning. After all I needed something to take on all the Soviet KV-5's.

All the parts that come with the kit.

The quality is amazing with no mold lines or warping of the resin parts.

The mini comes with both a 105mm and 150mm main guns.

The parts fit snugly to the hull.

The Lowe assembled.

I forgot to add any FOW minis in the foreground to show how massive this tank is.
The painted Lowe.

The Lowe's tank commander, with that many eyes, no one is sneaking up on his tank.

One of the only drawbacks of this mini is that the hatches are molded shut. That's not a big deal but I do love to put a commander in my rare tanks and it would require a lot of work to add a new cupola.
The tank costs around $21 US, but that's a good deal in my book if you like odd tanks.

Finally I took some pictures a the shop with some terrain for scale and to add general esthetic value.

The tank on the prowl for targets.

And with a high velocity 150mm gun, everything is a target.

The tank is definitely larger than a King Tiger.

An ambush from this big nasty is not a pleasant proposition.

I'll try to add some comparison shots with FOW minis soon.


  1. Wow, thats the first HEER 46 tank, assembly and painting I've seen. I am so ordering one of these - It's my favourite Heavy in "World of Tanks" It will be my Late War Monster ;).

    1. Yes, they are great miniatures. I'm working on a scenario to use this big guy in, maybe facing off against a few KV-5s...