Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rules for FOW Six Day War

Here we go everyone!
I have finally gotten the list for Flames of War Six Day War ready for human consumption. I've done all I could do to make the organizations and TO&E's as accurate as possible. However my resources are limited so if you notice anything wrong please let me know, I will update the lists every month as I receive corrections. So I'm relying on you guys to make these lists and rules better than I could do on my own. The points were modified from the new Vietnam FOW books, but some points are from scratch so let me know what you think.

I also want to think the minds over at Natholeons Empires for the inspiration. I had almost ran out of motivation several months ago while working on these lists. Then I ran across the site and the great Yom Kippur lists and battle reports, that really motivated me to finish up the Six Day War lists.

I guess part of the struggle was making the lists look good, since I am a graphic designer. I really wanted the lists to look like Battlefronts, and this gave me a great deal of appreciation for the time they spend on their books. Also just to be clear I am doing this entirely for fun, these lists are completely unofficial.

The first file is certainly a work in progress. It is the general rules for FOW in 1967. I am still working on adding elements that will make games unique to combat in the Middle East.
Click HERE to download the General Rules.

The first is the list for Israeli forces in the Six Day War.
Click HERE to download the Israeli list.

Next is Egyptian forces in 1967.
Click HERE to download the Egyptian list.

Then the last for now is the Jordanian forces.
Click HERE to download the Jordanian lists.

I also am finishing up the Syrian list and one for the PLA in the Gaza Strip but I'm finding it hard to get good information about those forces.

If you have any comments about anything related to the list send me an email at mccoyjd at


  1. Excellent work, thanks very much.

  2. Great job on these, particularly as I appreciate how hard it is to find small unit organisations. I hope the FoW community shows its appreciation! ☺

  3. Really no words to describe your work. Really appreciate. Thanks for your outstanding effort

  4. Wow! Awesome work! I really hope someone over at Battlefront gives you some cash credit for all the work you've put into this.

  5. Thanks for your dedication to this period and for all your hard work. These look great and I hope to give them a try soon!

  6. I like your army lists as our club has just started to get into AIW FOW Six Days War, I was just wondering how the Syrian army list is getting on as our club fancies a battle for the Golan Heights.