Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Operation Overlord Game 3 - St. Lo

This weekend I was able to get in another game for the WWPD Operation Overlord Campaign. It was also a good opportunity for me to get my Americans out, they haven't seen the light of day in a while.
Unfortunately I didn't have the new Overlord book with me, just Devil's Charge.

The board, there was a lack of Bocage. These Villagers kept their land clear.

So I fielded a US Cav Recon force.
My company had two understrength Cavalry Recon Patrols, one mounted, one dismounted.
A full M5 3in Gun Tank Destroyer Platoon with two bazooka. Three M5 Stuarts, a battery of three Priests and three M4A1 Shermans with one M4A1 76mm Shermans.

Cav Recon.

Veterans all around.

My opponent, Brandon, was fielding an SS Panzergrenadier company.
His force contained two SS Panzergrenadier platoons, a platoon of 81mm Mortars, two Pak40's, two Tiger I's and two StuG III's.

I didn't get a really good picture of the Germans.

We rolled for Meeting Engagement as our mission with me as the attacker.

Brandon's deployment.

The American setup.
My recon forces moved up as I pushed hard for the right hand objective.

The bottom of the first turn Brandon moved the Tigers into the woods and advanced the Panzergrenadiers on the left.

The shorties go after some infantry and the 76 takes on some bigger prey.

A Tiger!

I used my 2iC as bait for the second tiger.
The second turn saw the Sherman's rush through the village and MG a few grenadiers while the 76mm missed his shots at the Tiger.

The 3in Guns ambush and take out a Tiger.

The Stuarts arrive from reserve and move up.

The Sherman's surround the last Tiger but it survives.

The stare down continues.
The Tiger won't die.
The Tiger misses both shots at the Sherman 76. The 3in Guns don't miss with their ambush and burn the second Tiger but the 76mm misses his shots as do the rest of the Sherman's that surrounded it.
The Stuarts come on from reserve and push up towards the right objective. My Command Greyhound kills his 2iC and chases after the panzergrens on the left of the board.

The Stuarts advance as the German reserves arrive.

They set their sights on the Shermans.

The Tiger manages to bail the Sherman 76.

Defensive fire devastates the assaulting SS.
The Germans receive a platoon of SS Grenadiers from reserve and the Tiger finally hits the Sherman 76, but doesn't pass the firepower. The Grenadiers on the left continue to push towards that American objective, it is only defended by the spotter, who can't stop them anyway.

The Sherman remounted and hit the tiger but it saved.
The final turn saw the HQ Greyhound kill the last of the SS Grenadiers on the left after several turns of artillery pounding them. The Stuarts killed the last of the second SS Grenadier platoon. The 76mm Sherman hit the Tiger and the Sherman shorties hit three times from the side... the Tiger made all saves. But no reserves saw the Germans concede, 6-1 to the Cav Recon.

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