Friday, December 6, 2013

E-100 (Krupp) Pt. 1

I just received my 15mm E-100 with Krupp turret from Heer46. Like the Lowe, I've reviewed before, this kit comes well packaged and the resin is crisp with sharp details and almost no cleanup is necessary. Most of the pieces fit together perfectly. The side skirt on the left did give me some trouble to fit on as a single piece, but since I planned on having one section off, it didn't matter. Also a change from the Lowe and E-50 kits that I already have, is the option for an open commanders hatch. (I just found out that I put the hatch on wrong, it should twist around instead of opening backwards.)

The kit looks incredible, I can't wait to begin painting this tank. I plan on using it to represent my command Tiger II for the new Panzer Ausbildungs Abteilung 500 list from desperate measures. Sure it may be a little different than a King Tiger but who's going to notice :).

Next up will be the painted version.

The E-90 Lowe on the background.
The tank commander is an American body with a German head and I added a hood for his parka.

With a tank this difficult and expensive to produce, I gave it an escort.

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