Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flames of 40k (Orks vs Imperial Guard)

Titans walk to war!

At the shop a few weeks ago we were able to try out my Flames of War/Warhammer 40k rule set. It was a fun game, but I don't have the points worked out so we just tried to wing it... that didn't work out well. It appears the Imperium had likely double the amount of points the poor orks had. It was a short game but helped me out a ton!

I won't do a full battle report since this one was one-sided from the get go but the pictures are below.

Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Titans and Super Heavies.

Orks... sadly overwhelmed by the Imperium.

The Imperium attacks an ork camp.

A Mega Gargant, Grand Gargant, Gargants and a few Stompas.

The Shadowswords alone could deal with most of the Ork Garagants.

Titan killers...


An Ork Gargant and some Death Rolla tanks.

A Warlord of Legio ex Astris.

Baneblades, Ho!

Ork Bikes rush for ward and hide, with Weirdboy towers moving up.

A Gargant taking some damage.

Any ork light vehicles that stuck their nose out were knocked out.

Burning ork speedstas.

Ork Gargants trudge/rumble forward.

Imperial Armor pushes forward.

Stompas closing with the enemy.

The Imperial infantry stay out of sight of the big boys.

Orks trying to close before being shot to pieces.

Here is comes.

The Leviathan Command Vehicle pushed a little too far forward.

Stompa assault, and a dead Baneblade.

The Leviathan backs off after getting kicked a few times by a Gargant.

The Grand Gargant wasn't quite able to take out the warhound before the scout titan broke off.

While the Orks did some damage in the assaults they were too shot up to survive close range Imperial fire, and the last Gargants were destroyed.
It ended up being a turkey shoot but I was able to learn a lot of valuable lessons from this game and I've made many changes since then.

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