Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Upcoming Jordanian Infantry Lists (FOW)

I have been away for a while, and I would love to say that I have a great deal of new content to add from that time... false. My gaming continues to fall to record low levels. However I've been doing a good bit of painting, so maybe there is a silver lining. 

But more importantly I have been researching and reading up on the Six Day War recently. I hungrily read through all sources I could find before releasing my AIW lists last year, but since then have found much more out about the combatants. This has prompted me to put together lists for the forces left out of Fate of a Nation, namely the infantry. Israeli infantry was certainly what I wanted to do the most but someone else really needed some love...

Jordanian support inbound!
The Jordanian armored list in Fate of a Nation is really not capable of taking on any of the other lists in the book in any competitive way. But instead of re-working it I have created a pdf list for Jordanian Infantry and Jordanian Mechanized Infantry with all the necessary support. While I have found a ton more information there are still some hypotheticals since information on Jordanian company level equipment and organization is proving elusive. Just like the lists I released last year I really want feedback on what works and what doesn't and if you would share with me any info you may have about the lists please do, I don't mind being wrong.

So hopefully later this week I will have the Jordanian Infantry pdf up on the blog, which will be followed by Israel, Egypt and Syria. I am currently finishing up the fortification and then I will load it up. So then play games, tweek the lists, and adapt them however you want to your local gaming groups, because if you have WWII British you should have 80% of the miniatures you need to start playing. Or be like me and start them from scratch, I'm currently painting up three platoons of Jordanian infantry!

Notice the Charioteer Tank in the background, they didn't use them in 67'.
Stay tuned! Next up will be the pdf list for Jordanian Infantry in 1967.

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  1. Looking forward to this, your lists go me started on my 1/285th Yom Kippur project!