Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Somewhere in the Sinai 1967 (FOW)

Warning this post is picture heavy!

This is mainly so that I could get some of my recently painted and finished Israeli miniatures on the table, even if it was to just take some pictures of them and not to play a game.

I reveal to you a sideshow of cause and effect in the desert of the Sinai Peninsula in 1967.

A Sayur Patrol moving into a village in the Sinai.

It is quiet, too quiet.

Luckily they brought along some AT jeeps for support.

Plenty of places for the enemy to hide.

My love of jeeps should be evident through these first pictures.

A few halftracks to back up the jeeps.

Wait! What is that?

Enemy armor spotted!

Bring up the recoilless rifles.

90mm AT halftracks push up in support.

Targets spotted.

Hold until support arrives.

Egyptian armor advances.

M50 155mm Artillery fires in support.

I absolutely love these miniatures!

My staff team halftack with the compartment covered.

AMX's rushing the flanks.

While the big guns turn up!

These are my first Centurions.

They are great miniatures!

M50 Shermans moving up cautiously.

I used markings from the units fighting in the Golan Heights.


Infantry moving up the consolidate the gains.

This is now my car!


  1. Man o man I love those building bases! Did you make those? Great work and very inspirational!

  2. Thanks guys! The bases and some of the buildings are Crescent Roots buildings, they are amazing! I will be doing a review of them soon.