Friday, September 30, 2016

Battletech Tanks

A quick post today with some Battletech tanks! 

I know, you're thinking Battletech, that's all about giant stompy robots. You would be right about that, but giant stompy robots, I would imagine, are difficult to build and in a huge galaxy each planet would still need to be able to defend itself. Thus the good ole battletank is still around and kicking/rolling. For Battletech Alpha Strike I have build a combined force of not just battlemechs but also tanks, infantry, battlearmored infantry and aircraft. The other vehicles give a great sense of scale to the battlemechs that really make the game more immersive.

Below you will see three Patton/Rommel tanks made by Ironwind Metals. They originally had odd protrusions on the sides of the turrets that I cut off and replaced with some FOW Panther tank schurzen. In Battletech the tanks are still very dangerous and tough to knock out. I look forward to using these soon!

The last picture is of two Goblin Tank/APC's and a venerable Vedette medium tank. I plan on adding more of these smaller more maneuverable tanks in the future.

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