Monday, January 23, 2017

Battletech Alpha Strike - City Fight

Bryan and I have really been playing a lot of Battletech Alpha Strike over the last few months. I have really enjoyed how fast the game is to set up and play and also how fast you can take enemy mechs down. We have put in a few house rules to clean up some things such as concealment. They really do come down to the last few mechs, damaged and overheating, slugging it out.

This game was 500 points and with both Bryan and I bringing out some hover tanks and vehicles.

I had two mech lances and a lance of hover tanks.

Bryan had two mech lances and three under strength vehicle lances.

The game got off to a quick start with our hover tanks mixing it up on the left flank,

My Edgar light hovertanks cornered Bryans Condor tank.

The battle funneled into the center for a huge brawl.

Bryans Shadowhawk jumped up to get some better firing lanes.

I was able to focus down many of Bryan's heavy and assault mechs.

The Tunderbolt and Fafnir struggling to keep up with the lighter mechs.

Wild fight in the center.

Burning mechs everywhere.

That is a great deal of tonnage.

The Crockett put a headshot on the enemy Thunderbolt.

The net is closing!

Finally the little Edgars knock out the Condor.

The Fafnir is feeling a little lonely.

Death from above!

The Fafnir takes out the Zeus.

In the end it was the littlest guys that took out the Fafnir.

The end.

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