Thursday, June 1, 2017

28mm Rubicon US Tanks (teaser)

From left to right: M4A3 76mm, M4A3E8 and a M5A1.

I wanted to post a few pictures of some recent models I have finished. I bought two M4A3 Sherman kits and a M5A1 Stuart. These are kits made by Rubicon Models and... spoiler alert they are great!

They kits are 1/56th scale or 28mm which is probably my new favorite model scale. I have really enjoyed the 1/48th scale tank models by Tamiya as I find 1/35th scale tank kits are bigger than I want. These are small enough to store easily but also large enough to show great detail.

I will do a full review on these later as well as the Empress Miniatures Late War US Infantry in the pictures.

M5A1 Stuart

Two great Sherman Tanks!

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