Monday, July 17, 2017

High Elves - Part I (Cavalry)

Throughout my life I've made some poor decisions, one of those decisions involved a High Elf army. 

Way back in the day, when I first went to England in 2002, I was a young foolish lad. I had a great time and was amazed at all the wargame stores and gaming. So I thought, "I want to get in on this" and 4,000 miles from home I bought almost and entire High Elf army! Spent a lot of money and carried all that heavy metal crap around in my suitcase for a week. When I got back to the states I painted everything up and hitched a ride to the closest game store to play my first game of Warhammer! I showed up and got a few games and had fun, but I noticed that right there in the store, close to home, were all the High Elf mini's that I had toted all over the UK...

However none of that kept me from enjoying Warhammer Fantasy for a while. I latter shifted into playing the Empire and had a blast during the Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign. Over the years those High Elves gathered dust in my closest before I traded some of them and used many of the remaining for various bits. However I still loved the lore and books of the Warhammer Old World.

When Games Workshop decided to blow up the planet and restart with Age of Sigmar I had been long gone from the game (except for one 8th edition game I posted abut here). For some reason it still made me really sad how they did things, destroying the entire universe? I really liked the rich history of the Old World and all the nations and races. So it would seem like a really weird time to get back into painting up the now extinct High Elves. But I pulled my old minis out and picked up many new plastics for almost nothing on Ebay and my oldest miniature wargaming army began a new life!

It has still been years of slow painting to get things where they are now and I still have much more remaining to paint. But the upcoming release of Warhammer: Total War II has really rekindled some interest in my High Elves. Long live the Old World!

Almost the entire High Elf army.
Sword Masters, Dragon Princes and the Prince on Griffin.

These are the old metal Dragon Princes.

These are the miniatures that first attracted me to the High Elves many years ago.

Picked these up on Ebay a few years ago unpainted for next to nothing.
But they have tons of character.
My Ellyrian Reavers with a custom standard bearer and spear throwing guy.

These are more miniatures I bought for nothing.
The newer plastic Dragon Princes.

These guys cost more than the old metal ones!
A couple of Tiranoc Chariots.

I feel the need to work on these guys as they seem to be lacking a little.
More old school miniatures, this time Silver Helms.

I based these for Kings of War, as Warhammer Fantasy died a sad death.

Again, these guys are great!

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