Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Hint of Things to Come!

I wanted to put out a teaser of some things that I've been working for the blog. I've really wanted to add more content than just things I've painted and battle reports every post. The first thing coming will be for Flames of War and will be some supplementary lists for Early War French!

Coming Soon!

I disappeared down a rabbit hole chasing French tanks for several months. I knew little about the French Army in WWII besides things I'd learned in passing reading German accounts. But that has been rectified! Just like I did with the Arab Israeli Wars, I have devoured any book on the 1940 French Campaign that I could find and have made a few lists to fill in the gaps in the Flames of War Blitzkrieg book.

These posts will have more history and information along with modeling articles for the French tanks that Battlefront does not make, and then the lists and some battle reports. The lists I'm working on are for the 4th DCR (including the Renault D2 tanks) in May 1940, the 4th and 7th BCC (with FCM 36 tanks) and the 67th BCC (with Renault D1 tanks).

So while you wait, check out a teaser of some miniatures!

FCM-36 tanks.

FCM-36 tanks.

Renault Char D2 tanks (with a Char B1 bis).

Char D2's.

Char D1.

Char D1.

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