Monday, May 7, 2018

FOW Early War France vs Germany

This weekend Michael, Grayson and I were able to get together and play some Flames of War. We played an Early War game with me fielding two 1500 point German Panzer companies and Michael playing a 1500 pt French Infantry company and Grayson playing a 1500 pt French tank company.

The Germans were breaking through the French lines. Michael deployed his French Infantry on the board while Grayson's force was in delayed reserve. I deployed a German medium panzer company on the board and left the Czech panzer Company in reserve.

The board from the German side.

Panzers pushing forward with the 8rads.

French infantry on the defense.

Three Hotchkiss tanks supporting the infantry.

The biggest danger, three Char B1's.

The Germans were trying to stay in cover.

The 8rads had shown the way.

The Panzer III's felt a little inadequate against the Char B's.

The French in the churchyard were hammered by MG's and autocannons, but were dug in deep.

The recon commander pointing the objective out.

In came the Luftwaffe!

The shot of the game, the last active Char B ran! Too many 1's for armor saves.

With the Char B's demises the panzers rush forward.

They contest the right objective.

The French infantry hunker down.

The SP 45mm guns spring their ambush.

But have middling results.

The 2nd company of panzers start to come on and engage the second French infantry platoon.

The 2nd French infantry platoon had be very aggressive and was now caught in the open.

On the right the arrival of the Somua's changed things.

The H39's had held the objective just long enough for support to arrive.

The Panzer II's don't want anything to do with the Somua's.

The French infantry had been pushed back in the center.

Czech panzers pushing foward.

The Panhard armored cars rushed around the German flank and were met by Panzer II's.
A wild tank brawl around the right objective.

The light vehicles were fighting it out on the left.

However the German big guns had just arrived.

But more French tanks came on against the German right.

The 8rads suddenly felt very exposed.

That is bad!

The two French 75mm field guns were a huge concern for the Panzer 38t's in the center.

But the Panzer II's had cleaned up the Panhards on the left and now went for that objective.

The Germans were being ground down on the right.

They were running out of Panzers.

The command 8rad trying to stay alive.

The Panzer IV's just could not kill the Somua S35's.

A very disappointing showing for the Panzer IV's.

The French tanks finally break the Germans on the right.

But the Somua's that rushed to the left didn't survive fifteen 20mm autocannon shots all around it.
The Panzer II's killed the last French infantry and Somuas to hold the objective.
A wild and crazy game! I really like early war with all the low AT weapons and low firepowers, the games last much longer. In the end when the Germans had to fight a stationary slugging match on the right they lost, but were saved by the mobile elements racing around to the objective on the left.

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