Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Legio Atarus Vs Legio Varus

Titan Slugfest!

Last weekend Bryan and I got together for a 2000 point game of Adeptus Titanicus. This would be the first time my titans weren't fighting themselves as Bryan is almost finished with his titans! We used objectives but not stratagems, Bryan had to keep my titans from his board edge and I had to kill his titans.

Legio Atarus ready to walk!

I had my Legio Atarus with two warlord titans, one with missiles, volcano cannon and plasma annihilator. The second had turbolaser destructors, volcano cannon and plasma annihilator and was my princeps senioris. Two reavers, one with missiles, laser blaster and gatling cannon, the second had turbolaser destructor, laser blaster and gatling cannon. I also had a single warhound with turbolaser and plasma and three knights, two with battle cannons and one with melta, each had a close combat weapon also. One of the warlords, reavers and the warhound were in a Axiom battle maniple.

Bryan's custom legion. I can't think of the name right now.

Bryan's Legio Varus was running knight heavy. He had two warlords, one with missiles, plasma and volcano cannon and the second with a quake cannon, plasma and missiles. His reaver had missiles, a volcano cannon and a laser blaster. Lastly he had some fully loaded knights. His first banner had a lord scion, four gatling cannons and two melta cannons with melta guns as well. His second banner had a lord scion, four knights with battle cannons and two with melta cannons and melta guns. All 12 also had close combat weapons. His two warlords and reaver were in a Myrmidon battle maniple.

Our board set up.

Bryan's 12 knights rush under the bridge.

Bryan's princeps senior in the warlord "Bellum Aquilae"

The battle field from his side.

I move up to get close.

Unfortunately this would be a theme for Bryan. Shaken knight banners.

The first turn I put a volcano cannon shot into the enemy knight banner that destroyed two and they failed their command check and were shaken. This would go on for the rest of the game with me keeping both his banners shaken. That kept them from taking order and slowed them down. It really hurt their ability to get into combat. Bryan had added lord scion's to both, but it really didn't help him during the game.

Fire everything!

I tasked my warhound and knights with holding off the enemy knight horde.

Bryan's knight banners lasted much longer than I thought they would and took a great deal of fire to finish off. But they were never able to get entirely behind me to force me to decide about turning to face them.

Two turns of brutal fire puts the enemy reaver down!

In the center my princeps senioris took a lot of fire from Bryan's warlord and reaver, but I focused on his reaver. On the second turn my reaver took down its void shields and my center warlord with turbolaser destructors, volcano cannon and plasma cannon destroyed the reaver entirely. I first fired the volcano cannon to see where it hit and it landed on the legs, I then rolled a "5" and "6" for damage and did two critical hits. I then targeted that location with the turbolasers and plasma, even needing 5's I got enough hits to outright destroy the reaver!

Bryan is targeting my reaver on the left and doing serious damage.
Bryan's warlord on the left had a quake cannon that proved to be very valuable to him, as it slowed me down and ended up turning my reaver nearly every turn.

Bryan's center is much less secure with the loss of the reaver.

I continue my steady advance.

The knights mix it up in close combat.

They got behind my badly damaged warlord, but the reaver was there to support.

My warlord takes the lead on the left putting massive fire into its opponent.

More knights fighting it out in close combat.
The net closes on the remaining warlord as my last two knights finish off their opposite number.

His last warlord was pretty fresh at this point.

But one turn of combined fire took it to crits all over, and another ended the godmachine.

This is what my center warlord looked like after the final turn.
Great game. Lots of fun. Bryan said his knights suffered from the unpainted model syndrome and I would have to agree. They took tons of damage, stayed shaken, and missed most everything they shot at or tried to hit. Once the center reaver fell and my warhound and knights tied up his 12 knights it was really over. I had a warlord and reaver to take on each of his warlords and that was pretty textbook. The reavers would damage or strip shields and the warlord would pour on the hurt.

I did have great luck with restarting my warlord's shields! The emergency repairs order came through big for me throughout the game.

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