Friday, August 31, 2012

Allied Walkers (DUST)

My painting and modeling have been very slow lately, with starting a new job and traveling to visit the family. So today I'm putting up some DUST miniatures I painted for a friend a while back.

First up a a couple of Black Hawks from the revised core box set. Once again I can only praise Fantasy Flight for how great these miniatures are. All I had to do was tape off a camo pattern the spray the model, pick out a few details and wash it, easy.
These two came together well with their winter white wash camo, they are certainly different than my German desert force.

Great looking walkers.

I don't think they will be crossing any boggy terrain with those tiny feet.

Unfortunately I don't recall them being very effective in DUST tactics.

Giant PIAT's, whats the world coming to?
Next up is my Hot Dog/Pounder/Mickey, etc. I like how in DUST a great deal of attention was paid to maintaining a consistent aesthetic for each faction. The mix of sci-fi and historical elements are well balanced, in my opinion.

The Hot Dog, ready to burn the enemy out of hiding.

The Pounder should probably have a 90mm gun instead of a 17 pounder, oh well.
I haven't played any DUST in a while, but after seeing what new models they showed a GenCon, I fell off the wagon and ordered the Heavy Recon Grenadiers and Heavy Command Squad. And let's not get into the new X-Wing game...

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