Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Three Kings (FOW)

On the prowl.

Well, it's not exactly a secret, but I do love the look of most German vehicles. From Sd kfz 251 halftrack's, 8-rad's, Panzer III's and the lovely Jagpanzer IV/70's, I can't get enough of the sleek look and sharp lines they show off. And while the good ole Panzer III takes top prize as my favorite German tank, I do have a soft spot for the biggest tank of them all, the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B.

So when Battlefront recently released the new Konigstiger, sans-zimmerit, I needed to get my hands on it. The problem was I already have three Tiger II's, and those three Kingtigers have never seen the board as a group before. Because I, as an mech infantry player, rarely ever use the big cats, and certainly not three of them. But whether or not I'll use a unit in FOW has never stopped me from buying beautiful miniatures, just ask my Sturmtigers and Nashorns. But to make room I did sell off one of my old zimmerit covered Kingtigers to a local player.

Now on to the new Kingtiger miniature. The larger tank kits that Battlefront has released over the last few years are great, they are almost model kits as far as parts and detail is concerned. It also comes with two tiger ace dice and some Fallschrimjager tank riders, they are great sculpts too. I had no real issues with flash on the metal parts of with any imperfections with the resin. After construction and painting I got the remaining old cats out and got some shots together.

Tiger 115, ready to see some action.

I've been adding fuel drums to a lot of my recent late war German tanks, the big gas guzzlers.

I choose to go with the ambush pattern camo for this tank.

I added a few stowaways just for kicks.
Next up are my two older Kingtigers, they have seen a good bit of combat from time to time. They typically go out in their early Porsche configurations to back up my .21 Panzer division in Normandy.
Here they are in their Henschel version.

The Commander I 01.

They have been through the ringer before.

I've added hearts to all my Company Commander tanks, so they are easier to recognize.

Good old Tiger 112.

It hasn't had an easy time.
Now all the big German cats together.
That is a tough sight to see for any Allied tanker.

Where ever they're going, they're going slowly.
In the next few weeks I plan on getting these three guys out and running a schwere panzerabteilung from Grey Wolf. They deserve to get out on the board for their time in the sun, and artillery and air attacks...

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