Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FOW during the Six Day War

With the upcoming release of the new Flames of War Vietnam range, I've decided to release a little preview of something I've been working on. Flames of War lists and rules for the Six Day War in 1967. I think that the Flames of War ruleset lends itself well to representing the combat of the Arab Israeli Conflicts from the 40's on into the 70's. I chose to first work on the Six Day War simply because of the range of equipment used by all the forces involved, from AMX-13s, Shermans, Centurions and Pattons for the Israelis. To SU-100's, T-34/85's, STuGs, Panzer IV's, M4A2 /FL-10's, IS-III's and T-54/55's for Egyptian and Syria as well as Centurions, M47 and M48 Pattons with M-113 APC for the Jordanians. Most of these miniatures are available from Battlefront already and other manufactures can fill the gaps.

The lists for Israel and Egypt are almost complete, I'm still playtesting them to see if my points will work and to make certain they play like their historical counterparts operated, but so far I'm pleased.
I may adjust the points when I see the cost for tanks in the new FOW Vietnam book. Using the older FOW cost for the M48 Patton as a baseline I quickly realized a 1500 point game would have only half a dozen Israeli Tanks versus hardly ten or so Egyptian tanks, that wouldn't work so I went with a far lower points cost for tanks in my lists.

I also would like to recommend you check out NDC Wargames who have lists for the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Looking over their list helped me fill out the arsenal listings, even though the War in 73 had a great deal of new equipment for both sides that was unavailable in 1967.

Here are a couple of teaser images.

The lists names are still working titles. I will keep everyone up-to date on the progression of this project. But for now check out some early shots of my miniatures for the game.

A column of Egyptian T-34/85's.

I'm excited to get the new Vietnam T-34/85's, with AA Dshk MG.

Scanning for the enemy.
The enemy an IDF M51 Sherman, by Quality Castings.
Two M50 Shermans with 75mm guns, also Quality Castings.
A 75mm gun like the Panther Tanks, make these Shermans deadly.
 The following is a comparison between a modified Battlefront Sherman and the M50 and M51 Shermans by Quality Castings Miniatures. I am a huge fan of BF miniatures but they don't make any Israeli Shermans either with the long 75mm M50 or the long 105mm M51 Sherman. So I ordered some Quality Casting Miniatures as well as QRF (quick reaction force) M50 Shermans in order to see which was better.  The Quality Castings Shermans are only a little smaller that battlefronts and besides the mantlet on the M51 are relatively good quality, overall I was pleased. The QRF M50 Sherman was less impressive, the turret alone ruined it for me, the turret was so smashed down and short that it was almost half as high as that of the BF Sherman. Also the cupola was just awful.  I took a saw to it and an old BF Sherman I had, to make an early M50 Sherman without the HVSS suspension by adding the QRF gun and mantlet and rear of the turret to the BF Sherman.

This is only the beginning as I have order an entire Sherman Company for Quality Castings and am waiting on the new BF T-54s, T-34/85s, PT-76s and ZSU-57s.

The far left miniature is a modified BF Sherman, center is a Quality Castings M50 Sherman, and on the right is a Quality Castings M51 Sherman.
Thc closest is a BF Sherman, center is QC M50 Sherman, and the far tank is a QC M51 Sherman.

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