Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eygptian T-55 tanks (FOW)

Before I get to the T-55's I wanted to show that I have made progress on my lists for Flames of War during the Six Day War. I have finished the Jordanian list, that only leaves the Syrians. Once they are ready I will put them online and get everyone's feedback, I'm sure there are many things about them that need to be changed. Of course these are completely unofficial but they should be a lot of fun, and I will brag and say they look really nice.

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Now on to the tanks. These are Battlefronts new T-54s for the Vietnam range and as often as I say it, they are great. These miniatures had little flash and the parts fit very well, even the small fiddly bits like the mudguards.

While I'm making these primarily for the Six Day War in 1967, I couldn't help but add camouflage which wasn't used until after the war, oh well. The T-55's in 1967 were an overall sand color with no markings, and I will likely paint my second batch up like that. While looking for references online as to what camo patterns to use I found out that by the Yom Kippur war practically no two T-55's were painted in the same scheme or the same color. Now that's what I'm talking about since I love variety in my force.

Commanders Tank with olive and brick clouds over basecoat.

Another tank similarly painted.

The first five in camo, the next five will be just sand colored.

I admit that I've fallen for the T-55.

I'm not a big fan of Soviet Tanks during WWII, but these...

They just look dangerous, and with a 100mm gun they were.

Here are some comparisons with a M48 Patton tank, which is a monster compared with the T-55. I think it clearly illustrates how cramped it must have been in a T-55.

The T-55 had a far lower silhouette.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for some images of my growing Israeli tank force for FOW.

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