Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Egyptian Armor Rolls Out

I've finished up 10 T-55's, 3 PT-76's, 5 BTR-50's, 4 ZSU-57's and a Company of infantry for my 1967 Egyptians. Things have been very busy at work lately so I haven't gotten many games of anything in over the last few weeks. But I've been painting, so to keep my motivation high I took some pictures of my Egyptians on the table.

BTR-50's from the Recon Company.

The BTR's, PT-67's and infantry of the recon company.

I intend to mount my mechanized infantry in BTR-152's with just the recon in BTR-50's.

The PT-76's are really fun.

The Egyptian 4th Armored Divisions recon clearing the way for the tanks.
ZSU-57's keeping the sky clear.

Great miniatures.

The Armored Spearhead moving out.

Light tanks on the flank.



  1. Wonderful pictures, buildings and vehicles are really nice!!