Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Volksgrenadiers take on the Yanks

This weekend I was able to get in a couple of Flames of War games.
I realized that I had not played a WWII FOW game in a month or more, wow!

My first game was against Bryan and his Chaffee's of DOOM!
Sorry for the pictures being blurry, I forgot my tripod.

I was bringing the 12. Volksgrenadiers and my list was:
HQ- 1 PS
VolksSchutzen Platoon - PS
VolksSturm Platoon - PS
4 - Pak50's
3 - Pak40's
3 - Nebelwerfers
3 - 152mm Howitzers
4 - Hetzers
2 - Panzer IV/70s

It was right at 1780 points.

U.S. had
Hq- 2 Chaffees
4- Chaffees
4- Chaffees
5- Chaffees
4- M-18 Tank Destroyers

The mission was surrounded, and I was... surrounded.

The Chaffees surged forward and shot up my 152mm Howitzers and the TD's killed a Panzer IV/70 since both of those units were trained. In hindsight I forgot to us a 3+ gun save on my howitzers since they were gone to ground.

The next few turns saw my firepower whittle away at the Chaffees. The Hetzers got moving and took out the lone Chaffee platoon on my left flank with the help of the last Pak40. My last Panzer IV/70 refused to die and with the help of the nebelwerfers killed the TD's. The trained Nebelwerfers, down to two guns, took out two M-18's by themselves.

Bryan brought out the 5 tank Chaffee platoon to kill the  Neb's and Pak50's but their shooting flopped, and the return fire from the PaK50's at close range ended them.

The Hetzers then moved through town to support the Volksgrenadiers dug in to the second objective and with help from the last 152mm gun, took out the last Chaffee platoon.

This game was fun with the first turn going very well for Bryan, he killed a Pak40, two 152mm Guns, a Panzer IV/70 and a Nebelwerfer. My return fire was inefficient, my first turn, as I maneuvered for shots. Bryan was all over my position by turn two but gone to ground, concealed vets, paid off and I survived relatively unharmed. I then took out a great many Chaffees the next turn and reduced his firepower significantly.

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