Sunday, August 4, 2013

Operation Overlord Game 5 - Le-Molay-Littry

For the second game on Saturday I pulled out my Americans again and fought for the Allies.

I decided on a infantry force based on the Big Red 1 Division fighting inland of the beaches.
I had and HQ, two infantry platoons, two 57mm AT gun platoons, a Towed Tank Destroyer platoon, three Priests, four Shermans and a single cavalry patrol.

My opponent was Robert running a Puma company from Panzer Lehr, with two full strength Puma platoons, three Jagpanzer IV's (that looked suspiciously like StuG's) and three Panthers.

We rolled for the mission and got Hasty Attack, I was defending. Robert decided to start with all of his Pumas on the board, all 13 of them.

I started with an Infantry Platoon, a platoon of 57mm AT guns, the Shermans and the towed tank destroyers on the board.

Robert had the first turn, and with his recce move he was all over me using the roads to move quickly.

I made him pay for his aggressiveness, the 3in guns came out and the Shermans rushed up to fire. When the smoke cleared four Pumas burned the first turn. Robert then recieved reserves and the Panthers rushed into the action. Over the next few turns I ignored the Panthers and killed a few more Pumas, but the Sherman's couldn't leave the rightmost objective undefended with a few Pumas ready to rush it.

The Jagpanzers (StuGs) came on in Roberts third turn, but were harried by air the whole game. The Panthers pushed forward towards my rightmost objective but needed to deal with the 57mm guns overlooking the objective. The Shermans had move the the left and the AT guns were on the right, so if the Panthers moved to contest the objective one of the two platoons would have side shots. However the 57's turned out to be very resilient, since I kept them gone to ground.

Everything suddenly changed once I got reserves in the sixth turn, and my second large infantry platoon showed up directly behind the right objective and set up in the woods. That let my veteran Shermans run loose. Robert moved the last two Jagdpanzers to take them on and brought up the last of his pumas to take out the 57mm guns. Then my second platoon of 57mm guns came on the board directly beside the first platoon and they proceeded to kill all three more pumas, leaving just two on the board. And on the left the Shermans got into a knife fight with the Jag's and with stabiliser came out on top. Robs company was now below half an ran.

A 6-1 to the Big Red 1!

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