Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Volksgrenadiers vs US Armor (FOW)

I haven't had much time lately to do any gaming, with all the students returning to the university and moving to a new apartment. But I did manage to find some pictures of a game I played a few weeks ago against US Armor. We were playing a 1750 pt game, the mission was Breakthrough.

My opponent Dustin, was fielding a Confident Veteran tank company with:

HQ- 1 M4A3 (late) Sherman, 1 M4A3 Ez8
Platoon 1 - 1 M4, 1 Jumbo, 1 M4A3 (105mm), 2 Ez8
Platoon 2 - 1 M4, 1 Jumbo, 1 M4A3 (105mm), 2 Ez8
4 - M10 Tank Destroyers

My Volksgrenadier were Confident Veteran and consisted of;

Volks Sturm Platoon
Volks Schutzen Platoon
4 - 7.5cm PaK50
3 - 7.5cm PaK40
3 - Nebelwerfers
3 - 15.2cm Howitzers
4 - Hetzers
2 - Jagpanzer IV/70 (A)

I was the defender, being an infantry company. This mission is tough since the defender doesn't even start in the quadrant with the objective you need to defend. David had the tank destroyers in flank attack. My Hetzers were in delayed reserve.

I had my Pak40's, Nebelwerfers and a Volksgrenadier platoon in the bottom left quadrant, the artillery, a Volksgrenadier platoon, Pak50's and Jagdpanzers in the top right quadrant.

The first turn he moved one platoon down to deal with my Nebs and Paks and the other forward to engage my howitzers. The Pak40's survived all the fire at the bottom of the board, but the 15.2 artillery lost a gun even being gone to ground.

In my turn the grenadiers in the bottom left moved to the right to get to the objectives. The Pak50's and Grenadiers in the top right moved towards the objectives as well. The Jagdpanzers hid behind the hill as a check to the Shermans. During shooting, the Pak40's killed a Ez8 and bailed a M4 Sherman.

Davids next turn saw the Sherman platoon move out of the woods towards the Pak40's, but he couldn't get behind them. They did kill one pak40 on the move, the other Sherman platoon killed another 15.2mm gun.

In my turn two, the Pak40's killed another Ez8 and the 105mm Sherman, but the platoon stayed. The Nebs and last 15.2 managed to kill a sherman from the platoon at the top of the board. My Volks platoons and  Pak50's finally got to the objectives.

After this I forgot to take any more pictures.

In David's turn three his bailed sherman with the jumbo once again failed to remount, the Jumbo missed its shots at the Paks. The sherman platoon at the top of the board moved into the village and killed the last 15.2mm gun, which then ran. No reserves.

In my turn three the Hetzers came on to the board. The Paks killed the bailed sherman and the Jumbo ran. The Pak50's and one of the Volks platoons managed to dig in around the objective.

In Davids turn four the M10's came on from the flank, but were hemmed in by the infantry and couldn't get around them without assaulting. He choose to fire at the Pak50's and killed one. The last sherman platoon moved into the village in the center, but had the Hetzers and Jagdpanzers on each flank so moved slowly. On the move they bailed a Hetzer.

During my turn four, I  moved the last two Pak40s to get side shots on the shermans if they moved past them. The Hetzers managed to kill a sherman with a flank shot, the Jagd's moved up to surround the Shermans. The Pak50's killed a couple of M10's  the grenadiers then assaulted, got through defensive fire and killed the rest. With that the US failed moral and ran.

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