Thursday, September 19, 2013

X-Wing - Bombing Run

Well, I've been traveling for work lately and haven't had much time to do much gaming. But I did have just enough time on Saturday to get a game of X-wing in with the new miniatures.

Bryan and I wanted to try out the new bombers, so I brought the rebels with B-wings  and Horton Salm. Bryan pulled in a couple of TIE Bombers to back up his Firespray.

Horton is out to prove the Y-wing is still the dominate rebel bomber.
Bryan had a kitted out Bounty Hunter Firespray, a Scimitar TIE Bomber and Captain Jonus. Horton Salm lead a Dagger and Blue Squadron B-wings.

The Bounty Hunter and TIEs.
Head to Head.
There was a lot of forward firepower on both sides.

The first round saw both of us move in on each other, but were still out of range. I move straight in, hoping on the firepower of the B-wings to clear the way. The second round had the Dagger Squadron B-wing shot up and lose its shields, but the rebels killed Captain Jonus.

The last TIE Bomber evades all fire at it.

In the third round the Firespray ran into Horton and the Dagger Squadron B-wing. They both fired at the Scimitar TIE Bomber but it survived and killed the Dagger Squadron B-wing with Cluster Missiles. The Blue Squadron B-wing took the shields off the Firespray.

The next round saw me make a huge mistake, Horton flipped around to face the Imperials but ended up overlapping an asteroid, keeping him from firing. He took a ton of fire and was badly damaged.
I didn't get a photo of the next round but Horton damaged the Firespray, and the Blue Squadron B-wing destroyed the TIE Bomber, but since it was the same skill level, the TIE was still able to fire. It hit Horton with its last cluster missile and five of six attacks hit, BOOM no more Horton.

Just a Firespray and rookie B-wing.
That left just the damaged Firespray and the Blue Squadron B-wing. For the next few turns the chase was on... however I learned that the B-wing has the worst maneuver dial in the game, and the Firespray ran circles around it.

B-wings do not turn, period.
It was frustrating not being able to make really any turns without stressing the pilot, and Bryan maneuvered well. In the end the B-wing was knocked out by missiles from the Firespray.
Fun game with the new ships.

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