Thursday, October 31, 2013

Israeli Infantry and Magach 2 tanks (FOW)

My custom Israeli Infantry have been sitting on my painting table for months. Finally with the release of Fate of a Nation I decided to finish them up. Then what happens, as soon as they are done Battlefront releases there great Israeli Infantry sculpts. Well it looks like I should start working on updated infantry lists for all the '67 armies to go with Fate of a Nation.

The miniatures are from Peter Pig and are their professionals. I then chopped off their heads and replaced them with BF and Peter Pig US infantry heads. I saw this mod on another blog but can't remember which one.

Infantry in the Golan heights.

I have a couple of MG teams in the works for the mechanized platoon.

They all have FAL's.

I also have several RPG teams as well.
Finally, I have taken my old M48's with the 90mm and removed the Vietnam tank commander and created my own custom Israeli commanders. The makings on these tanks are incorrect, but I'm waiting on the Battlefront decals before I update them.

Magach 2

The new commander.

Supporting the Infantry.

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  1. It was probably me over at I've done headswaps on PP figures for the Israelis in '73. Hope the new Battlefront figures are not enormous and go okay with my existing Peter Pig figures.