Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Magach 3's (FOW)

In this post I will show off my new Magach 3 tanks, four of them to be exact. This may not seem odd since they are a great unit for FOW Arab Israeli War games. But with a little context you will understand why they are simply a physical representation of my lack of willpower when it comes to resisting cool miniatures.

I have always been a big fan of the compromise tank in Flames of War, my great love for the Jagdpanzer IV/70 over the Panther represents that well. Therefore when I started working on my Arab Israeli lists for the Six Day War I immediately gravitated towards the Israeli M51 Shermans. Centurions and Pattons, blah, give me 1940's technology with a big gun and nerves of steel! While working on balancing out points and rules for the lists, I bought three M48 Pattons just to have them to test out, I thought I'd never need any more than that...

Fast forward to Battlefront releasing Fate of a Nation and all the great miniatures that come with it. I pre-ordered four boxes of Israeli M51 Shermans, even though I should be saving my money. Well, they didn't arrive until weeks after they were supposed to, but do you know what was on the shelf? Two boxes of the new Israeli Magach tanks, which I wasn't planning on buying. But day in and day out they called to me... and now I am the owner of seven M48 Pattons when I never intended to have any. I want this to be a cautionary tale to the unwary, be on guard against the temptation of new resin.

These guys certainly live up to their name, Battering Ram.

Okay, on the the Magach 3's. These are just the Vietnam tanks with the addition of the 105mm Barrel and some Israeli (WWII US) Tank commanders.When I bought them I had grand plans of magnetizing the barrels so I could swap out the 90mm and 105mm but that proved more difficult than I would have liked, so they all have the 105's.

I refer to these guys as Big Nasties, they just look big and tough especially compared to the lighter Shermans and in any game the take the brunt of the fire, and punch back hard. So in other words they are growing on me.
Still waiting on Israeli Decals...

With the British L7 105mm gun, few tanks stand a chance.

Those two cars seem to be everywhere in the Sinai.

Tanking on some Khurasan T-55's.

I modded my tankers again.

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