Monday, February 24, 2014

Egyptian IS-3 Tanks (FOW)

Okay time to show a little love to my Egyptians. I finally broke down and bought a couple of boxes of Battlefront IS-3m's. While they are pricey, (I got mine somewhat cheaper) the tanks are very cool. The IS-3m is the last of the Soviet heavy tanks and is an absolute monster, squat and dangerous looking, the IS-3 is a frightening beast to tackle.

In game its front armor is the same as the later designs like the T-55, M48 and Centurion with a higher side armor. What really hurts this brute is the Hen and Chicks rule along with its rate of fire one weapon. The lack of stabilizers really kills its ability to fight any kind of mobile battle, but neither could its historical version.

But I have found that a heavy Egyptian force is very difficult for any Israeli force to tackle.

Kuteybh Debabh
Tank Battalion
Tank Company
Kuteybh Debabh HQ p.13
1T-54 or T-55 with Stabiliser and Searchlight65
Combat Platoons
Debabh (Tank) Company p.14
5T-54 or T-55 with Stabiliser and Searchlight335
Debabh (Tank) Company p.14
10T-54 or T-55 with Stabiliser and Searchlight545
Debabh (Tank) Company p.14
Weapons Platoon
Debabh Air Defence Company p.15
Support Platoons
Scout Company p.17
Self-propelled Anti-tank Company p.19
Air Support p.19
3Sporadic Air Support MiG-17155
Company Points:1740 Source document: Fate of a Nation booklet

Most Israeli forces just can't cope with that many high front armor, high AT tanks. In a mission with reserves I can place 22 front armor 12 tanks on the board.

But without further ado, here are the pictures.

The big nastiest!

Historically the IS-3m's backed up infantry alongside T-34/85s.

But I couldn't help but add them into my T-55 lists.

These things look intimidating.

With the cat killer special rule, the SU-100s can be a terror.

Especially with dozens of other tanks charging straight at the enemy.

It then gets difficult for the Israeli player to pick which platoon to target.

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