Sunday, February 23, 2014

Israeli Infantry, Halftracks and AMX tanks (FOW)

I have been on quite the painting spree for Six Day War miniatures. Next up is my Israeli Infantry and halftracks, all Battlefront. They are great miniatures, as much of the new infantry ranges from BF have been, even if they were lazy with the Jordanians... I used BF's painting guide for the Israelis and it looks good. However most color photos of the time seem to show most uniforms being a little more green that the Vallejo Khaki or yellow green. So for my second platoon, for the infantry lists I'm working on, I will darken up the uniform color a bit.

An Israeli Mech platoon pushing into a town on the westbank.

BF M3 halftracks with the new Israeli stowage.

I used BF's painting guide for the infantry.

120mm Mortar halftracks providing close support in the back.

Next up are the first two of my Battlefront AMX tanks. I never intended to use many of these with my Shermans but they were common enough in 67' to add at least a platoon of four. I'll likely go with M50's over them but who knows.

Little guys scouting out ahead of the infantry.

Nothing like a panther gun on a light tank...

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