Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wolf's Dragoon Lance (Battle Tech)

Today's post is of a recently finished lance of mechs for Battle Tech. These are plastic miniatures from some of the Battle Tech Alpha Strike lance packs. The lance packs are a great deal for around $15 online, you get four plastic mechs, and double sided stat cards for each mech with an additional unit card and hero mech card. I really do recommend them as the quality of these Battle Tech plastics are much higher than those of the introductory box set from five or six years ago.

For this lance I chose heavy and assault mechs for my Wolf's Dragoons force. I went with the very distinctive black and red paint scheme of the Wolf Spider Battalion but figured they may work for the Zeta Battalion as well.

Since the Shogun was only used by the Wolf's Dragoons in 3050, had to include it.

The lance contains (from left to right), an Awesome, a Catapult, a Shogun and a Stalker. All of these are assault mechs except for the Catapult which is a heavy.

I did decide to do some work on the Stalker as it is one of my favorite mechs but the original miniature looks like it is falling over backwards. I ended up chopping off its legs and added a slight waist. It was a quick fix and really turned out great!

Here you can see the plastic stalker compared to the new metal Stalker II miniature that was released last year.

I have finished a rather large amount of BT miniatures lately and will be getting some more up on the blog.

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  1. Gosh this takes me back... I had the whole Black Widow Company for 3025, mech for mech from the old source book. Sadly everyone else was playing clans, so I had my ass handed to me routinely.

    Excellent paint work on those, they really look the part!