Friday, August 5, 2016

Team Yankee - The Red Bear Roars!

This battle report is from a few months ago as I have been really behind on posting... sorry.

Matthew and I got together at my apartment to get a game of Team Yankee in since the shop was having an X-wing Tourney. We have a large kitchen table, however it is only three feet wide instead of four. While we adjusted the deployment zones accordingly that still may have given my Soviets an advantage.

We played a 100 point game and both had six platoons.

My force contained

15 T-72 tanks
4 Recon BMP-2's
3 S21 Carnations
1 BMP-1 OP
2 MI-24 Hind Gunships
4 SU-25 Frogfoots

Matthews US forces consisted of

10 M1 Abrams tanks (in three platoons)
2 AH-1 Cobra's
2 A-10 Thunderbolts
2 M163 VADS

The mission we chose was Dust Up, which has delayed reserves so both of us left half our forces off the board.

The Soviet force, half would start off the board.

The US were a little outnumbered.

This was my first time seeing the plastic M! Abrams miniatures.

They look great!

I had to use a few proxies. A couple of bases to represent two Frogfoots.

And a few Centurions running as T-72's.

But I've since finished all the T-72's I'll need.

I love the Hind's, and need to get two more for my Soviets.

The Soviet force starts with all the T-72's and Hinds on the board.

I split up my tank platoons (companies) to envelope the forward Abrams platoon.

The lower platoon goes for the objective.

The HQ and two different two tank platoons.

They bail a T-72 at long range on the first turn.

Its' not hiding... it's being discreet.

My first use of the Hinds, and two Abrams burn.

The woods are not safe.

Sneaky Soviets.

You can't see us!
But the VADS can see the hinds and boom!

Vulcans let rip.

A long range 125mm shot takes out a Abrams.

But retribution is swift and T-72's burn.

But with no reinforcements the numbers start to tell. Bails all around.

Entirely surrounded by T-72's.

It's getting rather lonely for the CiC.

The Abram's were struggling the knock out the T-72's. They kept bailing them.

With a final volley the last Abram's were knocked out.

In the end the US forces were routed with only a single M163 and Abrams remaining to flee.

We both failed to roll any reserves in the 5 turns that the game lased, delayed reserves can really hurt sometimes. It was interesting to see how much the M1 Abram's 105mm gun struggled to deal with the T-72's. Even with every special rule in the book, the Abram's had trouble with 15 T-72's. I don't know what Matthew could have done differently as if he had deployed more tanks and not the VADS my Hinds would have had free reign to go after tanks.

It was a fun, but very fast game so we played another...

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