Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Tank Museum at Bovington! (Part I)

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. My wife and I just returned to the States after spending a couple of weeks in England and Ireland. I have traveled to Europe a few times in the past but this was my wife's first trip to England, where she has always dreamed of going. Therefore while this trip was mainly for her, I did get my one big wish, a day at the Tank Museum at Bovington!

We were in London so my uncle an I got up and took the train from Waterloo Station to Wool (where the Tank Museum is located), it was a 2.5 hour trip from London. I was very impressed by South West Trains, when we boarded the train it gave and eta for the 2.5 hour trip, we arrived at Wool Station at exactly the minute they had estimated. There were several taxis waiting at the station to take guests to the Tank Museum, I think the fare was 5 pounds, and was just a few minutes drive to the museum. Also we gave the driver a time to pick us up that afternoon and when we were done he was waiting.

What can I say about the museum? It was everything I hoped it would be, and more!  But enough talk, lets get to tank pictures!

A view of the first area, The Tank Story.

A British Vickers 6-ton.

A British Vickers Light Tank MK VI.

A German Panzer II.
I was surprised the see how big the 2cm gun was in RL, used to seeing it in 15mm scale.

A French Char B1 bis.
The Char B was a massive tank.

A British Cruiser A13 Mk II.

The A13 Mk II and the Char B1.

But the real draw was the Tiger!

I have seen various other German WWII tanks, but this thing was really impressive!
My uncle for scale.
Having just been looking a early war tanks, seeing this tank was certainly impressive.

I am 6'2" to give you some scale about this beasts size!
A Daimler Dingo.

A US M3A1 Stuart.

A German Panzer III from North Africa.

A German Kettenrad.

I have always like the Panzer III.

A M3 Grant.

A Russian T-34/85, that you can climb over.

A Daimler MK II Armored Car.

Me with a Polish Cromwell tank.

The fast British Cromwell.

A Sherman Ic Firefly.

The Sherman is certainly a rather tall tank.

You can't tell from here, but there is a Sherman tank in there.

It is one of the amphibious Duplex Drive Shermans.

A German Panther G.

Missing some of its side skirts.

A Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank.

A rather successful infantry support flamethrower tank.

This first post will only cover one of the Tank Museums exhibits "The Tank Story", more will come!

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