Monday, November 14, 2016

Horus Heresy Legio Custodes

Quick update. I have been quietly and patiently painting the occasional Warhammer 30k Space Marines since they started putting out Horus Heresy miniatures. I know that I have been harsh with Games Workshop in the past, but there is no doubt that most of their new plastic miniatures are perhaps the best quality plastics I ever seen. I went crazy and pre-ordered the new Horus Heresy box, The Burning of Prospero.

Come on! Thirty Mk III Space Marines, five Tartaros Terminators, five Legio Custodes, five Sisters of Silence and two characters, all multi part plastics with tons of options, perfect! I will be honest, I bought this huge box of miniatures just because I love the Horus Heresy books and because the miniatures looked great. That goes against my usual logic of never buying miniatures just because they look cool.

I will be posting pictures as I finish these miniatures.

First up are a few pictures of the Legio Custodes miniatures that I've finished thus far.

A Custodes Shield Captain with a WIP Sister of Silence and Salamander Sergeant.

A couple of finished Custodes... so much bling.

These guys! They huge and so fancy.

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