Monday, November 21, 2016

Horus Heresy Salamander Characters

More Horus Heresy miniatures today!

Here are my two Salamanders Praetors or Centurions. The first is wearing artificer power armor, with a thunder hammer, inferno pistol and Iron Halo. This miniature uses some of the Mk III plastics and some resin Forgeworld parts.

Just a little plug for ebay here! I have been able to find individual Forgeworld bits on ebay for really cheap. For example I bought the helmet, chest piece and bits for the terminator below, for just a dollar of so per piece.

My power armor Praetor.

The Salamanders characters can swap their Plasma Pistol for an Inferno Pistol.

I originally equipped him with a power axe, but swapped it for the new thunder hammer.

Next up is my Cataphractii Terminator Praetor! I started with the plastic Steloc Aethon miniature from Betrayal at Calth and added a few Forgeworld bits. All I can say is 2+ armor save and 3+ invulnerable save... nice.

The thunder hammer is from the 40k range.

The shield is a resin Forgeworld piece.

One of the shoulder guard flames is a bit and I sculpted the other from greenstuff.

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