Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome the the Jungle

Recently I picked up some of the FOW Vietnam range on sale at my local hobby shop. After finding out that new Vietnam books and miniatures were on the way from Battlefront I decided to get these guys out and paint them up.

First up are three M551 Sheridan tanks. These tanks were light tanks to support airborne forces and could be brought in by plane. The first thing I noticed is the Sheridans are giant compared to most WWII tanks, probably because the turret was so large. The weight issue was addressed by making the hull aluminum, that certainly made it lighter but also vulnerable to almost every heavy weapon the enemy had. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about the Sheridan.

I painted mine up as from the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment.
152mm main gun, made to fire an AT missile.

Armored "birdcage" around the commanders cupola.
I love all the stowage on the tanks.
These were great miniatures by BF.

 Here is a preview of my M113 ACAV's or Armored Calvary Assault Vehicle. Which I think means, put as many machine guns as possible on them. The Battlefront M113 kit was a lot tougher to assemble compared to most of their miniatures, but I here in a month or two they are releasing an all plastic version of it, nice. Here is some info about the M113.

The first of my M113's, although when it is all said and done,  I'll likely have a dozen for my Armored Cav force.

These APC's are as large as most WWII tanks.

One of my favorite things about miniature wargaming is getting into a period of history that I am not as familiar with and learning all I can about it. The Vietnam War is one of those periods, so I've been reading online and ordering books from Amazon for a week now. Thanks Battlefront...


  1. Very nice Vietnam stuff, the Sheridan's look awesome. If you want to double up on the fun, grab the free lists and Rule set off my Blog and you can play some COLD WAR STUFF using alot of the Armour and transports from Vietnam. It's how I started the Cold War Project and the reason I wanted it to be free for Everyone.

    1. Thanks, that's actually how if found your Blog. I'm working on some Six Day War rules for FOW and in the course of checking out what others have done for the various Arab Israeli Conflicts, I ran across several Cold War gone hot sites. It has definitely inspired me to finish up my 11th Armored Cav for use in Vietnam or in Germany from 72' on.

    2. I love what you've done, I'm pretty blown away by the Artwork in your Books. I'd love to know how you got such a professional look to your stuff.

      Anyway I've featured you on my blog, because I think your stuff needs to brought into the light, because frankly it's awesome!