Thursday, January 24, 2013

Volksgrenadiers vs 101st Paras (FOW)

This is a batrep of my second game this weekend. My Volksgrenadiers faced off against their opponents from the new NUTS book, thanks Battlefront for naming one of your books... Nuts.
Well anyway, I was facing US paratroopers from the 101st Division in the Dust Up mission.
I used the same list that I used against the Soviets earlier in the day.

My opponent Matthew ran a Para list that had:

Two para platoons (with attached LMGs)
LMG platoon (reduced)
81mm mortar platoon
four 155mm howitzers
four 57mm AT guns
three M4A3 Shermans (late)
priority Air with rockets and two dice for planes

US 101st Airborne
The table was also the same setup as before, but in Dust Up we deploy in quadrants.

A marshy river board.

Mathew chose his quadrant to attack from after winning the dice roll to do so. We then placed half our respective forces in delayed reserve. Below you can see our deployments.

My heavy artillery, infantry guns and Schutzen platoon on the board.
His heavy artillery, AT guns and a para platoon on the board.
I went first and dug in the heavy guns but failed for the infantry guns. He rolled air and killed a team in the building his artillery barrage failed to kill any teams, then it was back to me.

Second turn I ranged in on both his artillery and AT guns, I killed two 155s and one 57mm gun.

His air was a constant pain throughout the game.

One destroyed 57mm as his forces advance.

The double template took out two of his big guns.
His air came in again and attacked the building and his artillery failed to unpin, I killed another 57mm with my infantry guns and ranged in on his 155s again but missed.

His air never failed to range in when he needed to.

AOP being annoying.
I received reserves on turn three and brought in the Jagdpanzers, they shot up his infantry and the inf guns dropped a template on them, a couple of casualties. My artillery brought is down to one gun, he received no reserves.

Tank hunters making due with infantry.

His last 155.

His right hook ran into the Jagdpanzers.
I rolled another platoon from reserve and brought in the pioneers, their flamethrowers and the Jagdpanzers killed several of the para platoon and one of the 57mm guns.
No reserves again for Matt, but he does kill a few pioneer teams that didn't make it into the woods.
Pioneers just where I need them.

The paratroops are taking casualties.
I get my last reserves and bring on the Sturm platoon behind the 57mm guns. An assault by the pioneers and the Sturm platoon take out the para platoon and the 57mm guns. I also shift my Jagdpanzers to the center in order to cut off his reserves and his air kills one of them.
Matt brings on his Shermans.

Moving to cut off the US reserves.
That is a nice place for the Sturm platoon to show up at.

Before the assault phase.
 A quick run down of this assault which was crazier than it should have been. I move my remaining four pioneers forward against the last three paras, my flamethrower killed one and pinned them, my assault rifles killed all of the 57mm platoon through shooting. Now in defensive fire his para command team and last LMG fire three times and hit three times against my last three pioneers, I then promptly roll three ones. His defensive fire killed all the pioneers. I then use shooting was to successful to move the sturm platoon into combat, he counterattacks with his command team and kills a team I come back and finally take out the platoon. Crazy.

After the assault phase.
The USAAF was on its game this weekend.
I move the Sturm platoon towards his objective and kill a Sherman with artillery, the Jagds move up.
He finally gets all his reserves and one of his LMGs manages to kill one of my 152mm guns.

Hello Shermans.

Preparing to get their feet wet.
 Jagdpanzer keep moving up and one is bailed by air. Infantry cross the river and take out the 155mm Howitzer commander and staff team, the last gun runs. He moves his CiC to contest, brings out a sniper and moves the Shermans over to fire, I lose four teams to four hits. His CiC is to far to contest so he assaults, survives defensive fire, kills a team and I fail to counter and must break off. I'm below half strength but manage to stay on.
Target that dice tin.

Assault to finish off the heavy artillery.
The final turn sees the much reduced Sturm platoon take out the CiC and the Jagpanzers kill the Shermans. He is below half with no CiC or 2iC and his force runs.

Both Shermans soon burned.
This game turned out to be a nail biter, when I enveloped his two platoons earlier I thought it was over then, but the paras almost turned the tables on me.

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