Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arab and Israeli Armor (FOW)

The following are just some test shots to keep me interested as I finish up the last of my Israeli Shermans and while waiting on BF to finish releasing the Vietnam stuff I need (BTR-50s, ZSU-57s). The army lists for the Six Day War are currently  being proof read, and boy did they need a lot of corrections. I intend to put them up in April and get everyone's help fixing any inaccuracies, especially in platoon and company organization.

If anyone wants to read over the pdfs and give me feedback before I put them online just let me know (check my profile).

And if you are interested in FOW rules for the Yom Kippur War go to this BLOG by NDC Wargames. Finding their blog really motivated me to get to work on rules for the 1967 Six Day War.

PT-46's moving into a town before the heavy tanks arrive.

The armored reconnaissance company will have 4 BTR-50s with the infantry and light tanks.

The T-55's arrive on the scene.

Camouflage was not used on Egyptian tanks until after 1967 but these guys will be for 73 as well.

The infantry and RPG's likely took out the M48.

The Israeli counterattack is swift.

Jeeps mounting 106mm Recoilless Rifles scout ahead of the M48 Pattons.

And some poor guys Mercedes is caught in the middle.

Pushing ahead.

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