Friday, March 15, 2013

Israeli Tanks, both great and small (FOW)

Here are a few newly painted tanks for my Israeli forces. One thing I have to get used to is that the Israeli tank markings were painted on free hand with brushes, so me painting them on by hand looks authentic.

A M50 in the Golan Heights.

M50 Shermans with some markings I liked

Lightning Bolts on the turrets, yes please.

These upgunned Shermans are growing on me. They are Quality Casting Minatures.

A 48 moving up.

And the big nasties, the M48 Pattons.

These guys are huge.

In 1967 all but one company of Israeli M48's still had the old 90mm Gun.

An AMX-13.

An M48 with its little brother, the AMX-13 Light Tank.

It's so little, the M48 is Battlefront, the AMX is Quality Casting.

Today I should have a large order arriving from Quality Castings with enough Shermans to finish out the company, a few 106mm Jeeps and the rest of the AMX-13 tanks. I have really gotten hooked on AIW miniatures.

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