Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Legio Astra Titans (Epic 40k)

Today is a quick update with some pictures I have had around for a while now. These are 6mm Titans for Epic 40k.

I won't get into a rant about Games Workshop and their way of doing things, its just safe to say I'm not a fan. One of the reason I don't have any wish to play Warhammer 40k is the scale, Superheavy tanks and titans on a 4'x6' table, in 28mm... no thanks. Every time a see a game of Warhammer 40k Apocalypse it just looks like a parking lot of miniatures packed side by side. However in 6mm... :)

But do I really enjoy the 40k universe?


I had read the occasional 40k book for the last 15 years of so, but it was the Horus Heresy books that really hooked me. The prospect of a golden age of humanity amongst the stars... ruined by betrayal, good stuff! That is why last year I started collecting all the old Epic 40k mini's I could get my hands on as I think it really captures the huge scale of the conflict.

Here in all of their glory are the loyalist titans of Legio Astra. As with the traitor titans of Legio Mortis I put up a few months ago, these represent a titan force from the Horus Heresy. I have really enjoyed painting and customizing these old miniatures.

The forces of Legio Astra walk!

They are world breakers!

Two Warhound Scout Titans, one with camo from their erstwhile allies, Legio Mortis.

These two are the old Forgeworld resin Warhounds.

My favorite, a Reaver Battle Titan.

This Reaver is armed for Titan killing.

A good all arounder build.

I cut up the Titan chainfists, and made powerfists for the next two titans.

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A Warlord Titan.

These are really old plastics.

But with a little work and love they are great models.
Another plastic Warlord.

By far the biggest and baddest of titans.

The Mighty Imperator!

I did a little cutting to reposition him.

I have really enjoyed this project. Not for sure about the Epic 40k Rules, but many people still like and update them, even if the game has been officially abandoned by GW.

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