Monday, August 31, 2015

Star Wars Armada Assault Frigate... Mark I

Following up on my Imperials for Star Wars Armada last week, this week we have the Rebel Alliance!

The Rebellion Lives!

It is a pretty standard force with the addition of some of Utar's 1/7000th scale Corellian Corvettes and an Armada scale Assault Frigate Mk I. 

I will come out and say it, I really dislike the FFG's Assault Frigate Mk II, it seems so odd that that was the first major Rebel capital ship that FFG's came out with. It is a thing of personal preference and for me the aesthetics of the MK II are awful. So I will be replacing mine with a much preferred Assault Frigate MK I, based off the hull of my favorite, the Rendili Star Drives Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser. I picked up Utar's new resin kit and like the Dreadnought is an amazing miniature! The detail is incredibly crisp and the scale fits in perfect with the other ships.

I'm not entirely sold on the smaller, more accurate scaled Corvettes yet.

A resin Assault Frigate Mark I.

A beautiful miniature, and a great model!

It just seems so... Star Warsie to me.
Much more so than the MK II, that is bulbusly to big.

The FFG corvette on the left and the size they should be on right.

A line up of my favorite Rebels.


  1. Where did you get the Mark I Assault frigate? I need one badly.

  2. The Mk I is made by Utar, here is his site.

    He also has a shapeways site, but those are much more expensive than the resin ones.