Monday, August 24, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Imperial Outer Rim Task Force

Hello everyone, things have been rather busy in real life!

Got hitched!

Yes that is an R2D2 grooms cake!

Just a quick post of my Imperial Fleet for Star Wars Armada. I wanted to represent an Imperial Task force far from the core planets that would not have the newest and best equipment. Or more importantly I wanted to get all the cool minis of spaceships I once read about in the expanded universe! I read my first Star Wars novel in middle school when I was home sick from school, it was Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn and I was hooked for life, or at least until they brought in the Yuuzhan Vong... But for some reason the Dreadnought heavy cruiser from those novels became my favorite capital ship in Star Wars, fingers cross it becomes cannon sometime.

When Fantasy Flight announced Star Wars Armada I was incredibly excited. Imagining massive capital ships maneuvering around while swarms of fighters brawling in between, really spoke to my inner geek. I have purchased all of wave one and then supplemented it with some of Utar's Custom Ships.

Outer Rim Task force assemble!

A FF Victory Star Destroyer, Utar's Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser, Carrack Crusier and Lancer Frigate.

A Victory Star Destroyer, Gladiator Star Destroyer, Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser, Carrack Cruiser and Lancer Frigate.

The Scale is a little off as the Carrack and Lancer are not Utars 1/7000th scale.

His new resin Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser is a great mini!

It was everything I hoped it would be.

Did I mention I loved this ship :)

On the hunt.

Ready get at those rebels.

With FF's Victory Star Destroyer.

Some scale pictures.

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