Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dusty Desert (DUST)

Today I'm posting some pictures of my Dust tactics miniatures. I haven't played the tabletop version of the game yet but that hasn't stopped me from appreciating the miniatures.

I painted up my force as the Afrika Korps, having always had an interest in the war in North Africa. More specifically the 3rd Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion of the 21st panzer division, mainly because of how great the light walkers look.

Here are a couple of modified light panzer walkers, I added two 5cm cannons to one of the walkers to give the recon a little more punch. The other has the large panzerfaust-like weapons for destroying strong points that the Aulfklaurung platoons run into.
The Helmut light walker

With twin 5cm drum-feed cannons

Fast and powerful

The Hans, for those pesky HMG nests or unwary tanks

A little stowage added to the back
The Dust miniatures are a great deal both for their price and the quality. I'll be posting all the rest of my walkers and infantry in the future.

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