Friday, July 13, 2012

Veteran Tank Hunters (FOW)

The diminutive Hetzer tank destroyer, or properly the Jagdpanzer 38(t), is one of my favorite vehicles of WW2.
The sleek lines and low set gun make this thing look like the cutest little tank killer to get bogged in the woods. 

Hetzers killing tanks, like it was meant to be.

Way back in the foggy days of the 1st edition Flame of War and the late war pdf's, I only remembered that my Jagdpanzer IV/70 V's killed these little guys all the time in our blue on blue games. Fast forward to Hammer and Sickle and my attempt to run infantry companies instead of tanks here in Auburn, I took one look at the Sperrverband list and fell in love. Unfortunately there were no big tank option for the list so I looked to the Veteran Tank Hunter option. The Hetzer suddenly looked so beautiful as it moved and shot full rate of fire from concealment and stormtroopered on a anything but a one. Allied medium tanks burned by the truckload as they tried in vain to dig out my reluctant veteran infantry and guns. However the mighty IS-2 posed a major problem for my anti-tank 11 and 12 AT guns, but who needs anti-tank guns when you have the Sperr pioneer platoon led by Windgruber, tank assualt 4, fearless in assaults, and hits on a 2+, forget about it. 

One of my first battles with my Hetzers, and Sperr Pioneers heading into a building.

Over the years My Sperrverband and Hetzers along with the Pak40 RSO fought the good fight and to this day have yet to be beaten, not counting a draw at a tourney. However the points increase in Grey Wolf and many small rule changes in version 3 meant the Sperrverband was not all it once was. But have hope it is not the end, the Sperrverband with verteran tank hunters is still a great list and can fight any force your opponent puts on the board. My main reason for them sitting on the self is I've just been distracted by all the new shiny lists, Jagdpanzer IV/70 A lists, Panzer Brigades and now my newest project, Americans. 

The PaK40 RSO, not my first choice but still nice with AT12.

Slow, but not overloaded these guys went in the woods.

But writing this makes me nostalgic for my worn out veteran infantry loaded to the gills with weapons fighting a forlorn battle against hordes of tanks. Stealthy jagdpanzers ghosting through fields looking for side shots on the big heavies, and RSO letting fly and stormtroopering back into the woods to survive the return fire.
When moving and shooting keep these overloaded guys out of the woods.

A field, the natural habitat of a Hetzer.

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