Thursday, July 5, 2012

Panzer Brigade Vs. Soviet Tankovy (FOW)

This weekend Robert and I got together at the Hobbytown in Auburn so he could test out his new Soviet Tank horde. He has been playing Soviets for years and has almost every option the Russians can take, recently he picked up 10 Matildas and wanted to give them a whirl.
His list was:

Batalon HQ - T-34 obr 42
Tankovy Company - 8 T-34 obr 42
Tankovy Company - 10 Matildas
Light Tankovy Company - 10 T-70s
Motorised Anti Tank - 4 57mm ZIS-2 guns with Halftracks
Anti-Aircraft Platoon - 3 ZSU M17 MGMC (quad .50)
Tank Destruction Company - 4 57mm ZIS-2 guns
Tank Destruction Company - 4 57mm ZIS-2 guns
Light Armored Car Platoon- 7 BA-64 
Confident Trained 
1745 pts

I had made half a dozen lists and Rob rolled to see which one he played, unfortunately for him he rolled for my Panzergrenadierkompanie from Blood Guts and Glory. I forgot to get a good group shot of my army.
It was as follows:

HQ- 2 Panzerfaust SMG teams
Panzergrenadier Platoon - 7 Panzerfaust MG teams
Panzergrenadier Platoon - 7 Panzerfaust MG teams 
Anti-Tank Gun Platoon - 3 7.5cm PaK40s
Anti-Tank Gun Platoon - 3 7.5cm PaK40s 
Infantry Gun Platoon - 4 7.5cm PaK50s
Light Anti Aircraft Platoon - 4 2cm Flak38s
Panzer Platoon - 4 Panther Gs
Panzer Platoon - 4 Panther Gs
Reluctant Trained
1750 pts

We rolled for missions and got Hasty Assualt, a mission I really enjoy. I place three objectives on his side and he placed one on mine, I then removed one that I placed after deployment. Half of both armies were in reserve, mine being standard reserves and his being delayed reserves, I benefited from the always attack rule. Both of us had eight platoons so half was on and half off. I placed both platoons of Panthers and a infantry platoon and the infantry gun platoon.


The board after deployment.
The red circles are Soviet Platoons, 1 and 2  are platoons of 57mm anti-tank guns,  3 is the T-70s and 4 is the T-34s. The blue squares are German Platoons, A is a Panzergrenadier platoon, B is the Infantry Guns, while C and D are the Panthers.

A 57mm gun platoon protecting the objective on the Right of the Soviet lines.
The mass of Soviet armor hiding in a orchard/vineyard.

Reluctant Panzergrens dug in on the objective, its hard to move that many panzerfaust MG teams.
My infantry gun platoon made up of 7.5cm and 15cm infantry guns until Battlefront releases the Pak 50s.
One platoon of Panthers at the starting line.

As turn one progressed I moved the Panthers up towards the Soviets right objective. The infantry did nothing and the guns attempted to bombard the T-70s but couldn't range in. The Soviets moved up their 57's on the left flank overlook the German objective, and the T-70s moved towards a wood in the center of the board.

The picture above shows the second turn. The Panthers, C and D, have moved to the flank of the last two 57 guns, they killed two as they moved up. The T-70s and T-34's are just hiding, eight Panthers are a dangerous foe. But things have to chance to go badly for my Germans, in this mission Rob's reserves are scattered so he must roll to see where they come on. On a 1-2 the platoon comes on his far left on a 3-4 they are in the center and on a 5-6 they come on his right, which would be directly behind my Panthers. But turn 3 saw no Soviet reserves.

My first Pak40 platoon come on the help protect the objective. Note the 57mm guns in the woods on the hill.

On a humorous note, Robert and I have played Flames of War for five years now and shooting matches between my Pak40s and his 57mm's have happened dozens of times over the years, and for some reason my Pak40s have never lost. Typically my Pak40s are veterens in terrain at long range, but this time my three reluctant trained Paks came on in front of his four 57s on the hill. I moved on and shot three times I killed one on the second turn. The next turn he fired nine shots back and kills one of my guns in the open and doesn't even pin them. I return fire with two guns and kill his last three guns at long range in the woods, and the commander runs. That is really all that happened on this side of the battlefield.

The Panthers assault the 57s and take the objective. The T-34s hide behind the building.
Rob begins to feed in T-70s to contest.

On the other side the panthers move to the flank of the 57 platoon and assault, they destroy the platoon and consolidate onto the objective. Rob has to stop his T-70s from pushing on German objective and come back to contest his own objective. Still no reserves for the Soviets.

The second platoon of Paks and Panzergrens come on the hold the center and watch for Soviet reserves behind the Panthers.

One platoon of Panthers move up and kill a couple of T-34s behind the house and the other platoon kills the T-70s that moved to the objective.

They consolidate on the objective and kill any tanks they can see.
The German reinforcements come on if full force.

Rob then gets two platoons from reserve, the Matildas and the last platoon of 57mm guns, he rolls for their placement, and gets 1 and a 2.  They come on as far from the action as is possible. Rob could feed a tank at a time onto the objective to make it last longer, but with the Matildas a long way from the heavily defended German objective on the other side of the board, Rob concedes.

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