Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Elves of Ulthuan (WHF)

So like most miniature gamers I was first pulled into the hobby by Games Workshop and specifically Warhammer Fantasy. Back in the uncertain days when Y2K was supposed to end civilization I was frantically painting up my High Elves for Warhammer. I bought most of those High Elves on a trip to England after I stumbled across a White Dwarf magazine in the airport, I've been  hooked on miniature gaming since.

Over the years those fragile elves gave way to slightly less fragile humans from the Empire and then Warhammer gave way to Flames of War and the Elves were sold off to support my new purchases.
Flash forward to modern times and I acquired some of the new High Elves from the starter box in a trade. They were such nice models and I couldn't help but pick up a few more from the Warstore.

So now here I am with far more miniatures than I had planned with no intention of ever playing Warhammer Fantasy again, but they sure do look nice...

Ellyrion Reavers, I converted most the carry spears.
And added a banner bearer.

Oh GW what beautiful minis you make.

The Champ

My favorite since I was a kid, Swordmasters of Hoeth.

Command group.

A hybrid chariot, old crew and chariot, new horses.

 These elves were also my first attempt a painting armor without metallic paints just highlights on flat colors.
I do stubbornly refuse to buy more from GW minis at full price, so unless I find some really good sales or trade for them this will be it.

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