Friday, July 6, 2012

Infantry: heavy and not so much (DUST)

While the tanks got all the credit, what would the Afrika Korps have been without its infantry? And I say the same is true in the post alien contact, occult riven, mecha using World War II of the dust universe.

However I think most WWII grunts would have liked to have the armor and weapons available to their weird war counterparts, minus the zombies and bloodthirsty cyborg Gorillas.

First up are two of the characters I use in the Dust tactics game.
Sigrid, or my version of her.
Sigrid is nice to add a bit of punch to a unit of Laser Grenadiers. I converted a Sigrid for a friend and used the leftovers to make my own desert commander. A Forge World pistol and 1/48th scale cap gave her a different feel than the original.

While I have only played Dust Tactics I would be saddened to see my next character be any less bad ass in the tabletop version of the game. Lara is absolute death to anything she encounters, I place her with the Heavy Laser Grenadiers and between their lasers and her quad MG42s nothing stands a chance. Their damage resilience and her multiple wounds make them more survivable than any other combo that I know of, and place them in cover... forget about it.

DUST Tactics, Lara
The lovely lady Lara.

Maybe a helmet would be safer.
 The next group are my command squad, this is another choice I never leave home without. The Abilities to reactivate a team or bring back a dead walker or squad is to good to pass up.
The Captain is ready for some knife work.

The whole versatile squad ready to get things done.
 What would the Afrika Korp be without a good supply of pioneers, these guys can get rid of any problem you may have.
 And last but certainly not least are the heavy infantry. The Heavy Laser Grenadiers and the Flak Grenadiers. The Heavy Lasers with cook any kind of walker that dares come in range, I add Lara to them to deal with any infantry that strays within range and you have a group that can mop the floor with anything. As you can see I'm not biased towards this squad at all.

Heavy Laser Grenadiers
The Heavy Laser Grens.

The Flak Grenadiers are a little more complicated to use than just point and shoot. They can't hurt most walkers and have to spend a turn to reload, but no stationary infantry squad they shoot with sustained fire will live through it.
Flak Grenadiers.
I haven't played any games of Dust this whole year but putting these pictures up makes me want to get back into it. That means Heavy Recon Grenadiers, Heavy Command Squad, etc., etc...

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