Thursday, September 2, 2021

World War III - Team Yankee - Soviets

For this post I wanted to show off some of my Battlefront WWIII Soviets. I first started playing Soviets for Team Yankee simply because everyone else was collecting US forces. While I really didn't want to paint another huge monotone army, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed putting this force together.

Starting with the motor rifles, I was at first concerned about the number of BTR-60's I would need to build. I really dislike the huge parking lots of Soviet transports I've seen and while I understand that is pretty effective, its not for me. I settled for a few small companies which still means over a dozen BTR's! But they are a lot of fun to build, having that real Mad Max feel to them.

I wanted my battalion commander to be easy to pick out. 
A few Storm Anti Tank Missile tanks to crack that heavy armor.

While I have some Spandrel's to help out with those NATO tanks as well.

Once again, I found myself appreciating the utilitarian design of these Soviet tanks.

A few SA-8 Gecko's for AA support.

More BTR-60's on the hunt.

I also have some SA-13 Gophers for more SAM coverage.

Some Soviet infantry. I have one metal company and one plastic.

Each has at least one AT-4 Spigot to hold off armor.

Holding down a railway.

My only BMP's right now are are in a BMP-2 recon platoon.

I figure the recon boys would work out a little camo.

T-72's are my main armor... just because I have so many of them.

This town is certainly secure.

I have been adding more T-64's as of late.

But I am still working out if I want the better stats or more numbers.

Stopping for some petrol.

Then I been working on some T-80U's for the main tank battalion.

Experimented with some camo for them as well.

They are a great looking vehicle.

Planned on doing more camo for the BMP-3's but went plain, for now.

Another good looking vehicle.

I did paint a few plan T80's.

They look great mixed in on the board.

I have more Soviets to come!

Friday, January 15, 2021

WWIII Team Yankee - US Tanks

 Following up from my previous post about US Mechanized forces, today's post is of my US tanks! I have enough US armor for a M60 company or an M1 Abrams company. When I first got into Team Yankee I went with the Soviets because I knew most people in my area would be building US forces, and I've never been a fan of blue on blue games. Later when the Stripes book came out and introduced the M60A3's I then jumped in. Since then I have added a Mechanized company to go along with my US Army M60A3 company, and I've finally fallen for the M1 Abrams, which had not really interested me in the past.

I really like the M60A3 tanks.

Flames of war, Team Yankee, WWIII, M60A3, Patton, FOW, MERDC camo
These were my first US tanks that I painted for TY.

The M60 is also a great value when making a US force.

Now with TOW II's, you can get support that can kill most things the M60's can't.

You just have to use a lot of them!

Probably my favorite US tank for my play style, the IPM1.

The gun is still the older 105mm but with better armor.

Flames of war, Team Yankee, WWIII, IPM1 Abrams, FOW, MERDC camo
I really went all out with these!

I also have a few old M1 Abrams, just for the points.

But the IPM1's are still my main tank.

Flames of war, Team Yankee, WWIII, M1A2 Abrams, FOW, NATO Camo
However, I couldn't help but make a few M1A2 Abrams as well!

That 120mm gun and great armor is something else.

Flames of war, Team Yankee, WWIII, M1A2 Abrams, FOW, NATO Camo
But so are their points cost!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

WWIII Team Yankee - USA Mech Infantry

I have been working intermittently on my WWII Team Yankee forces. Interestingly, I've been jumping between my US and Soviet forces pretty evenly. It is likely the change in routine that is keeping me interested in painting both. For a week it is plain green vehicles then the next it is lots of camo!

I am really hoping to get a game or two in soon, but with Covid cases much higher in the area, playing may still be some time off. Plus I don't know many people in the area playing these days.

But that won't keep me from putting up some of my recent work. Below are some of my US Mechanized Infantry and various support vehicles.

A Mechanized Infantry Company moving into a town in Germany.

A pair of M901 ITV's. 

A scout section.

A Humvee scout section.

A M106 mortar section.

Several M163 VADS.
Another M113 scout section.

My commander in his M113.

Infantry teams.

M3 Bradley's.

I am currently using all my M3 Bradley's as a cavalry troop.

I painted most in MERDC camo.

Then a few remain camo-less, some M3A2's in this case.

A rear-view of some plain M3's.

Another M3 Bradley.

More up-armored M3A2's.

A few borrowed Marine LAV-AD's.

Some Stinger AA missiles and HMMWV's.