Thursday, August 23, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Knights

I'm back!

It has been a while since my last post. The end of the summer is always busy since I work at a university we are all rushing to take vacation and be prepared for the student's return. But the wife and I did have a good trip to the UK before her summer ended!

The Imperial War Museum in London has changed a lot since I was there last.

Now on to other things. Since I was in England it made me want to paint some knights. Ha, got ya. These are the new Adeptus Titanicus Knights! 


As you can see in some of my older posts I have a large force of Titans and other vehicle for Games Workshop's Epic 40k. Those miniatures are 6mm, and while I was sad to hear that the updated game was going to be 10mm, I knew that would allow for some amazing detail and hopefully smaller sized games (fewer titans). 

I couldn't bring myself to buy the massive Grand Master box set but I did pick up the rules, a warlord and a box of knights on ebay. Of course the rules still have not arrived but the knights came the day GW released the game... 

For all my criticism of GW, their miniatures are still of the absolute highest quality. These knights are amazing kits that fit together well, have a massive amount of detail and have really good decals.

Take a look at my first three that I painted up as House Col'Khak, which will be supporting my Legio Atarus force. House Col'Khak does not have an official color scheme but since they are so closely link to the Adeptus Mechanicus I went with a red base with mechanicus markings.

A Knight with melta gun, thermal cannon and a chainsword.
From the back

With a battle cannon.

They are amazing...

My first three.

With one of my re-based old 6mm knights.

An old knight with thermal cannon and power fist.

With a space marine.

Then with the old Reaver Titan.

I am not going to do a detailed review of the kits as others have already done so, I just wanted to show off some of my painted ones and give a good size comparison.

I will be re-basing most of my old Legio Astra titans on the new base sizes, all those bases should be here today! Once I get the rules and the warlord I will post more comparisons.